PIKE fraternity colonized on campus

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The newest Interfraternity Council recognized fraternity at Oregon State, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, has officially colonized.

Having been active for four months already, the fraternity is on a path that could lead them to become an official chapter within the next year, according to PIKE members.

PIKE has had presence in the OSU community since the 1920s, but has come and gone numerous times, most recently dissolving a few years back.

The fraternity came back to the university this year winter term, and has now colonized.

So far 55 men have joined the fraternity, according to PIKE.. For PIKE to become an official chapter their goal is to have 125 people join within the next year. This is accompanied with other requirements that are set out by the international fraternity that will eventually lead to their chartering.

Right now all executive positions have been assigned. Eric Webber, a senior who recently transferred to OSU from Cal Poly and originally hails from Beaverton, has been appointed president.

Robert Fruin, a freshman originally from the San Francisco area was appointed head of recruitment. Fruin commended the work that PIKE has already accomplished and said they are looking to continue the momentum going forward.

“So far PIKE is doing really well, everyone is really committed to making the fraternity the best it can be and I’m personally excited to see what is in store for the future,” Fruin said.

PIKE finished last term with the third-highest GPA out of all of OSU’s IFC recognized fraternities.

The PIKE members have become more involved in the Greek community as their numbers continue to grow. They have held numerous functions with other sororities, but have yet to find a sorority sister. Recently they were voted most spirited in Kappa Delta’s Mock Rock, one of the largest philanthropy events on campus.

One thing the PIKE members are all looking forward to is being able to move into their fraternity house that is owned by the national fraternity, but is currently being leased by Antioch, a men’s Christian group. Antioch’s’ lease is up in the summer 2017. PIKE plans to be moved into the house by the fall of 2017.

Jarrett Way and Travis Anderson, who work colonizing PIKE fraternities around the country, appointed Danny Takahashi as New Member Educator.

Takahashi is enthusiastic about his position and is looking forward to the future.

“Right now we don’t have a class of new members since we’re all new, so I’m excited for fall rush when we will get our new members,” Takahashi said. “We want to create a strong brotherhood, we have a genuinely good group of guys and I’m eager to see it grow”

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