Yeas & Nays

Barometer Editorial Board

Nay to the same rhetoric against mass

shootings popping up over and over again. Gun regulations may not work how we want, nor will we have an easy answer in regards to other societal factors involved with this mess. Know what works even less, though? Doing absolutely nothing over and over again.

On some brighter notes …

Yea to continued community and university acknowledgements in regards to the “Speak Out OSU” event earlier this month.

Nay to continued acts of racism and cultural misunderstanding. It’s 2015. We should collectively know better by now.

Yea to the recent release of our sister publications Beaver’s Digest and Prism Arts and Literary Magazine. Lots of solid work went into each issue this term.

Nay to finals, final projects and other obligations that clustered up during Week 10. At least we’re at the end.

Yea to the upcoming winter break.

Yea to the approaching holiday season and opportunities to buy gifts for our loved ones.

Nay to potential paycheck sacrifices for people we barely know.

Yea to Michael Keaton’s reaction to the 2000 NBA slam dunk contest.

Yea for Vincanity – never forget.

Nay to Oregon State’s loss at the Civil War against the ducks.

Yea to an amazing performance from the team during the second half.

Yea to revisiting the roast duck recipe in anticipation of next year’s results.

Nay to ridiculous amounts of rain. We get it, it’s Oregon – but that doesn’t mean the weather needs to make up for lost time.

Yea for more sunshine than we expected this fall.

See you in 2016.

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