Letter to the editor: The true face of social justice

Bart Degeneffe

Predictably, the Social Justice Warriors are on the rampage again. In an effort to appease them, a forum was held this Monday where they could vent their misguided anger. What followed was a pathetic display of racism, hypocrisy, and vile, baseless accusations.

The first speaker to break the silence with a message of unity and peace, once the floor was opened to the public, was, shockingly, told that he had no right to speak at the event based on the color of his skin. Later, another advocate of ‘inclusivity’ defended the right of black students to exclude whites from their spaces in the name of ‘community healing.’ Another student claimed that mean comments posted on “Things Overheard at OSU”, somehow constituted evidence that OSU is actively encouraging students to be racists. I guess she thought that a few internet trolls were somehow representative of the students as a whole. In one particularly Orwellian moment, a speaker actually called a student’s display of their support for Donald Trump, an expression of their political views, as an example of hate speech.

I didn’t stay long enough to hear their demands. Although someone did mention funding for Ethnic Studies departments, nudge nudge, wink wink. This is because I was harassed for recording video in a “safe space.” Yes, I felt it was my duty as a citizen journalist to cover a public forum on policy issues that affect us all. However, after being ordered to delete my files, I decided it was safer to leave than risk someone trying to confiscate my phone. I don’t expect an apology for myself, but I demand one for those silenced for the “crime” of being white. Bigots come in all colors. Let’s not let them sully our college’s reputation further.

Bart Degeneffe

Senior, Biology

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