Letter from the Editor: Clarifying ASOSU presidential candidate Jack Hill’s affiliation with The Daily Barometer

Delaney Shea

Delaney Shea, Editor-in-Chief

While voting in the Associated Students of Oregon State University elections (as I hope you’re planning to do, as well), two statements caused me concern, for a couple of reasons. I would like to set the record straight to ensure transparency and truthfulness surrounding this matter. 

ASOSU presidential candidate Jack Hill’s official biography read “I work as a videographer at OSU’s very own Barometer, which elevates diverse student voices through accessible multi-media that challenge views and engage the community,” and his platform statement included the sentence “Jack will utilize his experience as a videographer with the Barometer to create more accessible news videos through Snapchat and Instagram.” His website also repeats one of these statements, as of the time of publication of this letter.

Firstly, while Jack was indeed hired to The Daily Barometer’s staff, he had not attended meetings or produced any content, and had not been active with us. 

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Secondly, we do not allow individuals campaigning for public office or holding public office to report for us. Many issues necessarily become conflicts of interest in these cases, as the dual reporter-official would be reporting on community interests while holding the power to influence these interests, and presumably making use of that power. We take potential conflicts of interest very seriously. Had he been actively producing content for us, he would have been made aware of this policy immediately. 

I had forgotten Jack was still technically employed by us, and I regret not initiating a conversation with him sooner. Additionally, had I recalled sooner, I would have added editor’s notes to all our content concerning him. I have done so retroactively. 

I have since spoken with Jack, whom I found to be understanding and apologetic. It’s my understanding that he intended to get experience as a news videographer before potentially stepping up into elected office, and he intended to work as a news videographer while in office. Following our discussion, in which he decided he would prefer to continue with his campaign rather than remain employed and begin producing regular content as a videographer, Jack was removed from our staff and is no longer employed by The Daily Barometer. 

In short – it is my opinion that Jack’s time with us was not what I could call videography experience with The Daily Barometer. He would not be able to produce news videos with us were he to be elected ASOSU president. He is no longer an employee. 

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