Correction: ASOSU insert in Feb. 17 issue

The Baro Staff

In an insert paid for by the Associated Students of Oregon State University in the Feb. 17 issue of The Barometer, biographical information for three candidates was incorrect due based on incorrect information from ASOSU, and biographical information for five candidates was incorrect due to errors by Orange Media Network. 

The correct year and major for Muhammad Aatir Khan, candidate for graduate representative, are as follows.

  • Year: Graduate student
  • Major: Public policy

The correct year and a platform statement correction for Jack Hill, candidate for president, are as follows.

  • Year: First-year
  • Platform correction: While Jack Hill was employed by The Daily Barometer at the time of print, he had not been an active staff member or produced content. He is no longer employed by The Daily Barometer. 

The correct year for Gretchen Fujimura, candidate for vice president, is as follows.

  • Year: First-year

The correct year for Chase Pettibone, candidate for speaker of the house, is as follows.

  • Year: Second-year

The correct year and major for Muhammah Shah Meer, candidate for SFC at large, are as follows. 

  • Year: Second-year
  • Major: Food science and technology

The correct year for Samuel McNinch, candidate for undergraduate representative, is as follows. 

  • Year: Second-year

The correct year, major and biography for Lucas Schnell, candidate for undergraduate representative, are as follows. 

  • Year: Second-year
  • Major: Political science 
  • Biography: As your Representative I will continue to represent all student interests equitably and to implement student fee dollars in the most effective ways to benefit Oregon State’s campus without inflating tuition. Further, I will continue to create an inclusive and accessible campus environment as all the basic needs of students are prioritized.

The correct year, major and biography for Griffin Scott, candidate for undergraduate representative, are as follows.

  • Year: First-year
  • Major: General engineering 
  • Biography: Let’s Make a Change

         “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
         -Robin Williams

         I am a firm believer that everyone is capable of great ideas, enacting positive change, and accomplishing their ambitions; it’s all about finding the right ways or mediums to express yourself, the right people to motivate and encourage you, and finding what inspires you to be the best you possibly can be. I want to do my best to make positive change in my community and for the betterment of those around me, and hope to have the chance to motivate and inspire others to do the same. I believe ASOSU is a great medium for change here at Oregon State University, and I hope that I can be a part of it to work towards improving the way and quality of life for students here at OSU.

         I served on my high school’s student government committee for two years and learned how to work on projects with others of various opinions, sometimes differing to mine, with respect and consideration. We benefit greatly as a society when we incorporate the thoughts and ideas of those around us into our way of life and will often see great insight and understanding from viewpoints created by various experiences and walks of life. I want us to find ways to help get our student body involved in the issues pressing our university and our community, and hope to increase student involvement in volunteer and service opportunities through Oregon State University.

It may seem like one person can’t make a difference, but every change has to begin somewhere, no matter how small. I believe it can begin with us, so let’s make a change.

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