Opinion: Alison Wonderland is going to rock DAM JAM

General Opinion Graphic

Alex Jones, Columnist

Alison Wonderland to be first female headliner at DAM JAM, June 2.

Oregon State University’s annual concert, DAM JAM, is upon us and the artist lineup has been released. It seems as though many students are not just worried about rapper, KYLE’s appearance, but DJ, Alison Wonderland’s appearance, as well.

However, Alison has been known to put on incredible performances wherever she goes.

Whether it’s the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas or Coachella, the Sydney-born, EDM DJ knows how to hype up a crowd.

According to David Jefferies of All Music, Alison actually started out as a classically trained cellist. Later on she took on DJing for a few years until finally dropping her debut single, “Get Ready,” back in 2013.

Since then, she has made a name for herself and is not only one of the top DJs, but also one of the top EDM artists in the industry.

Her unique sound and mixing skills, paired with an array of flashing lightworks, create an experience like no other for the audience.

Aiden Littau, a junior studying environmental engineering, has been listening to Alison Wonderland since she came out with her first album “Run,” in 2015.

“I think she will be a really good artist for Dam Jam because I’ve seen her live and I know she can get the crowd going,” Littau said.

Alison, being the first female headliner and first EDM artist DAM JAM has ever had, plans on bringing that experience to OSU.

“We have never had a female Dam Jam Artist, so we really wanted to pick a female,” Kendall Coushay, Oregon State University Program Council music and concerts coordinator, said.

For the last several years EDM artists have been in high demand for DAM JAM.

“EDM is the second genre that the student body has picked when we polled them so we thought it would be a good year to incorporate EDM,” Coushay said.

OSUPC was incredibly excited to book an EDM artist, who is also a female, as one of this year’s headliners, making this year’s DAM JAM different than any before.

“I think the fact that she’s a female and does EDM makes her pretty unique, but she also has a good mix of super chill songs and songs that will really hype you up,” Littau said.

Her latest album, “Awake”, just released on April 6th and is considered to be her most personal and honest work to date, according to the DJ Magazine Staff.

This is exciting news for OSU students attending DAM JAM, as she will have a combination of her older hits and newer songs to play from.

Alison will not only be performing at DAM JAM this year, but she will also act as a symbol of women in the music industry and how they can do a male’s job just as well, if not better.

Dam Jam’s festival will take place in Parker Plaza from 2-6 p.m. and the concert will take place in Reser Stadium from 7-10 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the welcome desk in the Student Experience Center. Tickets are $15 with a valid OSU student ID, $25 for alumni and $35 for the general public. Alumni and general public tickets can also be purchased online.