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Wyland Morales is the assistant manager of the Washington and 26th Dutch Brothers locations.

Angelina Macca, Pacticum Contributor

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Brothers prides themselves on the relationships they build with their customers.

“The main thing that separates us from the other coffee shops is, we’re not in the coffee business but we are in the people business,” Wyland Morales, assistant manager at the Washington and 26th Dutch Brothers, said.

In contrast to some of their other competitors, they focus on their customer engagement and relationships, according to Morales. 

“We engage with our customer, get to know them and are there for them rather than just make them a drink,” Morales said. “That’s what makes us different.”

Like other coffee shops, they have regular customers who come in every day, according to Morales. The baristas know them by their name and choice of beverage. Whether the customer is a regular or not, they get to hear a lot of amazing stories, Morales added.

They don’t have one type of customer, according to Morales. Everyone who goes to Dutch Brothers is unique in their own way. They all have their story to tell and the baristas get to hear them. The baristas are there to have fun.

“Positivity is contagious,” Morales said. “We try to come in everyday with

a positive mindset.”

Having this mindset about work makes the baristas actually want to come to work, according to Morales. They get to hang out with their co-workers and forget about the stressors they have outside of work.

“One thing we always like to say is we will leave our problems at the door. When we are here, we are doing what is best for the customer,” Morales said.

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