Oregon State reintroduces Homecoming Court

Courtesy of Oregon State University libraries special collections & archives
The Oregon State University Homecoming Court stands on the football field, as photographed in the 1965 Daily Barometer. This year’s Homecoming Court will appear during halftime at the football game along with other events throughout the year to represent OSU. Students were selected last spring by a panel of staff, faculty and alumni.

Anna Weeks, Life Editor

The Homecoming Court is made up of ten students to celebrate OSU150.

The sesquicentennial inspired the revival of Homecoming Court, an old tradition at Oregon State. This year, a group of 10 students were selected to represent Oregon State University as the 2017 Homecoming Court. Sponsored by the Oregon State University Alumni Association, students were chosen based on leadership qualities, integrity, spirit and contributions and involvement at Oregon State University. 

This year’s court consists of Andrew Brewington, Greg Heinonen, Brandon Kerr, Dillon Koch, Kelsey McCall, Kristy Milien, Radhika Shah, Sayeeda Sieah, Zack Simmons and Ian Snyder. Court members will make appearances at several events throughout the year including the Homecoming Carnival, football game, President’s Circle events, Spring Awards Celebration and the State of the University, according to the Oregon State University Alumni Association website. 

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Why did you decide to be on the Homecoming Court?

Sayeeda Sieah: I wanted to take this opportunity to be as involved as I could for my last year and I thought HC Court would give me a great last experience.

Kelsey McCall: OSU has given me more than I could have ever dreamed (beyond just an education) and knowing you’re a part of something that is aiming to bring that same experience to students year after year is something I strongly believe in!

Ian Snyder: I want to stay engaged with Oregon State as an alumni and I thought being on the court would be a great way to start forming alumni relationships and getting involved.

Andrew Brewington: I decided to run for HC court because of my love of Greek and Residence Life and how they give me a unique experience. Representing the students at the community and Alumni Association level, I love to talk about all the great things being accomplished daily by Oregon State Beavers!

What are you looking forward to most about Homecoming Week?

Greg Heinonen: This is my first time really being involved in the Homecoming Week festivities as a student, so I’m looking forward to learning more about all the traditions we have here at OSU. I think homecoming week is a really unique, unifying event, so I’m excited to see alumni, families and community members all on campus, hopefully celebrating a win with the students! 

Kristy Milien: It is so exciting that the Homecoming spirit is being brought back for the 150 anniversary of OSU. I can’t wait for all the activities and for all Beaver fans to come into town for the Homecoming game!

Dillon Koch: Getting to be a part of OSU traditions and helping to celebrate OSU 150!

Radhika Shah: All the events and the opportunity to meet alumni.

Ian Snyder: I’m most excited for homecoming carnival and getting to see campus come together to have fun.

Brandon Kerr: The carnival since it looks like a ton of fun and the Homecoming game because it’s always good to see old friends. 

What is your favorite OSU memory?

Dillon Koch: Getting up at 4:00 a.m. freshman year with all of my friends in my residence hall to wait for football tickets. They brought us hot chocolate and doughnuts!

Radhika Shah: White water rafting the first week of freshmen year with

the Honors College.

Zack Simmons: As DAM JAM 2017 coordinator, watching that event come to life last June was definitely a memory I’ll never forget.

Sayeeda Sieah: My favorite OSU memory was working as a START Leader.

Kelsey McCall: I was fully convinced I wanted to go out of state for college and my parents said that was fine so long as I looked at OSU and U of O. My favorite memory was walking inside the MU and out the fronts steps knowing instantly that this would be where I spend the next few years. There was something about OSU that just clicked and I knew instantly. I’ll never forget that.

Brandon Kerr: My freshman year about 50 people and I camped out for football tickets. The weather was awful, but it was such a fun time.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your school spirit and why?

Andrew Brewington: 10, I love the Beaver Athletics and attending Oregon State! This is one of the best schools out there and there are so many opportunities for student involvement!

Zack Simmons: 10! I’ve been a Beaver believer since the age of 6. Regardless of how we do in sports I’ll always love being a Beav.

Greg Heinonen: I have really enjoyed my time as a student at OSU and always look for opportunities to share the awesome experiences I have had with others. 10/10 no matter how badly we lose.

Kristy Milien: 10! Ever since I set foot on this campus as a senior in high school touring colleges, I knew I had to come to this beautiful and lively campus. I bled orange and black at first sight!

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