Broken Yolk serves community for 10 years

Kevin Connelly, Practicum Contributor

On any given weekend morning, a crowd of people can be seen standing on the intersection of 3rd Street and Monroe Avenue, all waiting for their turn at one of Corvallis’ breakfast restaurants, The Broken Yolk, found at 119 SW 3rd St.

Few places in Corvallis could be considered real staples of the city, but the Broken Yolk is certainly one of them, that is, according to Jessica Gordon, who has been managing the restaurant since its inception 10 years ago.

“I consider us a staple, now, of Corvallis. I feel like a lot of people know who we are and we really do strive to always make sure our guests leave happy,” Gordon said.

Gordon credits this success to the strong relationship between the restaurant and the community that The Broken Yolk and its owners, Brooke and Brandon Dale (who are both Oregon State University graduates themselves), have built over the years. Involvement in community events, fundraisers and a connection with OSU have all helped to make The Broken Yolk what many consider to be an integral institution in the Corvallis community. This even includes the unique honor of hosting breakfasts for athletes who are considering attending OSU.

“I’ve been taking care of a lot of the recruiting breakfasts for sports teams at OSU. We have a really good relationship with all the teams; I know all the coaches from wrestling to rowing, volleyball, basketball, football, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work with all these coaches throughout the years,” Gordon said.

The Broken Yolk also participates in community events such as the high school pancake breakfast and helping out various campus research centers, all of which contribute to their goal of being more involved with the city of Corvallis than the average restaurant.

This effort stands out to the community, particularly college students, who speak highly of the restaurant.

“There are quite a few breakfast establishments in town, but I would say Broken Yolk is one of my favorites. It’s one of the best and the strawberry lemonade is a classic for sure,” Ariel Rosen, a senior studying communications at OSU, said.

Of course, along with this community outreach, Gordon also credits The Broken Yolk’s popularity to what many consider to be consistent, high-quality food, which can be found anywhere you look on the menu. Some favorites include the Hobo Hash, the Cajun Skillet, Roger’s Chilli Cheese Omelette, and The Benny, along with new specials every week.

“Hobo Hash is our number one seller and it’s most popular among the college kids. Everything mixed together with our home fries,” Gordon said.

The owners and employees of The Broken Yolk also make a point to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the restaurant. The bright color scheme, retro booths (some of which are decades old) and funky artwork create a feel that cannot be found just anywhere, and the option to sit in the more-open front of the restaurant or the quieter, secluded back allow customers to tailor the experience for themselves.

“I feel like most places just serve the food and refill your drinks, but here they definitely seem like they care more about the experience,” Perry Gadinas, a senior economics major and patron of the Broken Yolk, said.

This attitude seems to trickle down from the owners to the wait staff, who take pride in making everyone feel like a regular when they enter the restaurant.

“It’s really nice to have business owners that appreciate their workers and know what they’re doing. They’re right there behind us,” Gordon said. “I’ve been in the business over 18 years and you don’t always find that.”

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