Javacoustics will hold the tenth and last live performance of the school year

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Javacoustics celebrates its last performance of the year by inviting musicians to return and perform at JavaStop in the Memorial Union on Wednesday.

The final show will be different from all of the previous ones because the performers who played during the school year will be given the chance to play one last song.

Sarah Bestor, freshman in mathematics, performed at Javacoustics in Feb. and will be returning for the last showcase.

“I think It’s such a cool idea to bring everyone together,” Bestor said.

Bestor has been thrilled to see all the people that have played for Javacoustics and the diverse styles that accompanies the performers.

“There’s going to be a lot of varieties so that will be cool. Not everyone plays the same type of music. Not everyone is going play the same instrument and there’s going to be groups and singles,” Bestor said. “If you think your type of music won’t be there, it actually might be.”

Bestor will be singing with the guitar to the song “Lua” by Bright Eyes.

“This is my favorite song to play. I just love this song. I’m really pumped for it,” Bestor said.

Also returning is guitarist and vocalist, Gabe Fleck, a junior in graphic design.

“I look forward to collaborating and performing with everyone and seeing who’s going to be there in one night. It’s going to be a great experience,” Fleck said.

Fleck enjoys  having a platform to express his love for music in a way that is comfortable for him.

“This event is like perfect — you don’t have to say much. You just go up there and communicate musically,” Fleck said. “I’ve embarked on a new project which is mainly production based so there’s no real live instruments. Javacoustics feels like going back home and the root of home for me has always been live acoustic — guitar and vocals.”

Fleck will be playing “Jolene” by Ray Lamontagne.

“I can’t wait. It’s such a beautiful song,” Fleck said.

The amount of support from the MUPC music and concerts coordinators, Sara Sutton and Calvin Nguyen prompted Fleck to return.

“They really care about the artist and are so passionate about what they do. You can really tell that they are genuine. There’s nothing fake about this event,” Fleck said. “Last year it was like ‘Oh here’s an opportunity to go out and get more exposure’ and it was great, but what really sold me this time around is Sarah and Calvin definitely.”

According to Fleck, the atmosphere of the coffee shop provides a calm setting that can potentially relieve people from the stress attached to their daily lives.

“It’s a welcoming environment. With finals and Spring break plans, I see this performance as a break from all of that studying and planning, to be free from it for a couple of hours.,” Fleck said. “It’s very therapeutic. I’m not nervous for it at all. It’s going to be fun.”

Having the performance in a small cafe will provide a personal and interactive experience, according to Sean Borne, freshman in psychology.

“It’s not like a full on audience and it’s not like you’re a headliner. It’s more of you putting yourself out there so the audience will know how you feel about music and can see how you express individually. It’s an intimate setting,” Borne said.

Borne will be singing “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” by George Harrison. He hopes to use this opportunity to improve from his previous gig.

“I wasn’t completely satisfied with how I sounded and performed. I’m hoping to give myself a second chance,” Borne said.

Growing up with a musical background has largely contributed to Borne’s current pursuits.

“Performing for me is very important because I used to play in a band with my dad back in high school and I miss those performing days. I usually don’t play solo — it’s a different experience, but it’s always nostalgic to go on stage performing again,” Borne said.

Borne has been rehearsing for weeks in preparation for the performance in order to use this as a personal learning experience.

“I’ve been practicing everyday since they emailed me. The way I selected my song was based on how I can challenge myself and what I can do differently for this performance,” Borne said.

Brandon Bartlett, junior in pre-med psychology also looks to show improvement at the upcoming Javacoustics.

“I actually performed just recently on the 3rd and I didn’t feel like I did good. I took NyQuil instead of DayQuil, but I don’t think anyone could tell. I’m going to want to play better this time though; it’s the last performance and other musicians will be there,” Bartlett said.

Bartlett will be presenting his own original song titled “When You Call Me Tonight,” which he performed for this year’s OSU Has Talent competition.

“It got me second place so it’s at least decent,” Bartlett said.

Bestor believes the show provides a unique experience and will be worth the time for anyone interested in swinging over.

“You don’t have to sit and be quiet, you can talk or just drink coffee,” Bestor said

Javacoustics will commemorate its tenth and final show of the school year on March 9 at 6 p.m. and will provide the chance for everyone on campus to enjoy live performances and appreciate OSU’s talent.

“A lot of passionate dedicated musicians showcasing their love for music is what it is. If that’s something you’re into come on by,” Fleck said. “It’s an awesome opportunity for everyone. Audience to discover artist; artist to discover artist.”

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