OSU Men’s Rugby Club creates bonds beyond the field

OSU Men’s Rugby Club creates bonds beyond the field

Through the scattered raindrops on the Intramural Fields, the Oregon State Men’s Rugby team breaks down the mechanics of the game.

The club, who is in the midst of preparing for their winter season, works hard refining their techniques and communication. 

The practice is tiring, causing each player to take deep breaths in between drills, but their exhaustion doesn’t stop their enthusiasm. The players who turn out have one thing in common–they all want to play for each other. 

“Growing up I’ve played soccer, baseball, basketball, football … But I feel like this sport creates that family mentality,” freshman Benjamin Nord said, “and especially these guys, they’re awesome.”

From the windows of Weatherford, it may look like a jumble of players running around, but there is a goal. The plays get chippy and bodies slide on the turf, but there’s always a helping hand and words of support from the coaches and teammates.

As a collective, the team hopes to win. But individually, some players are just looking for a group to be a part of.

Junior Connor Clark saw the community that joining the club could bring his freshman year at the Club Fair, and has been on the team ever since.

“They had a booth here and they were really inviting and inclusive. It may be tiring and a hard sport, but everyone here makes it a lot more fun,” Clark said. 

Head Coach Juwan Johnson, an OSU grad school alumnus who previously played for the team, now coaches.

“It’s crazy but a lot of the guys who started here just wanted to find friends,” Johnson said. “They come for the social aspect but end up fighting for each other on the field.”

Johnson started after the pandemic and wanted to continue the brotherhood for future students. He can be found in the middle of every practice, watching everyone closely and encouraging nothing but the best.

 Johnson hopes to see their numbers grow but also wants students at OSU to support their team.

“Rugby is a sport for everybody, for people of all different shapes and sizes … and if you want a brotherhood, and a group of guys to grow with … this is the place,” Johnson said. 

The club faces University of Washington at home on Mar. 9 to wrap up their winter 15’s season. 

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