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Barometer staff together holding up their Back to School print edition.

The Barometer needs unfiltered information to report the truth

Barometer Staff
April 8, 2024

As reporters, we write quotes as naturally as they fall out of a person’s mouth. Sure, we take out the “um’s,” the “you know?’s” and the “like’s” but it’s what is at the heart of...

Albany resident, John Kolck proudly displays a sign that reads “Freedom, Democracy and Peace in Ukraine. Stand 
with the World Against Tyranny.” at a protest on Sunday, March 5. Kolck mentioned that while he is in Corvallis, 
Ore. protesting, his daughter is abroad in Berlin helping Ukrainian refugees.

During war with Russia, the Barometer stands with Ukrainians

Baro Staff
March 7, 2022

As the citizens of Ukraine fight for the right to their own land, the loss of life at the hands of Russian imperialism is felt here in Corvallis, Ore., as many residents have ties to their Ukraine heritage,...

Oregonians everywhere are waiting to see what the summer time looks like for Covid-19 prevention. Recent updates to the plans for battling the Covid-19 pandemic are on the horizon.

Letter From the Editor: How to safely transition into a ‘new normal’ this summer

Adriana Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief
July 6, 2021

Across the nation, Americans are outdoors, participating in all of the summer festivities that were shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic first began. Here in Corvallis, Ore., Oregon State University students...

The Daily Barometer Editor-in-Chief Jaycee Kalama stands in front of the Memorial Union.

Letter from the Editor: We cannot celebrate 125 years of The Baro without addressing its oppressive past

Jaycee Kalama, Editor-in-Chief
March 1, 2021

I feel privileged to be in the position I am in during such a big milestone for The Daily Barometer. While I am incredibly proud of the paper I am leading today and the great strides we have made to become...

The Daily Barometer Editor-in-Chief Jaycee Kalama stands in front of the Memorial Union.

Letter from the Editor: Why The Baro is printing monthly, new things to come

Jaycee Kalama, Editor-in-Chief
January 4, 2021

As you can probably already tell, this paper is not like our usual print issues. A lot has changed throughout the course of this pandemic, and The Daily Barometer is no exception. As the editor-in-chief...

This illustration shows two individuals who are wearing their masks in addition to social-distancing outside.

Editorial: Do your part to protect our communities

The Baro Editorial Staff
January 4, 2021

The theme of this issue is Looking Forward: A new year. A new term. We chose this theme because we—as an Oregon State University community, as Corvallis, Ore. citizens, as Oregonians and as a nation—have...

Hundreds of face mask-wearing marchers raise their firsts to signify their support for the Black Lives Matter movement during the June 7 March for Black Lives.

Editorial: To report the full truth, The Baro must address the ways we have perpetuated systemic injustices

The Baro Staff
June 27, 2020

Editorials are opinion pieces which reflect the majority view of The Daily Barometer's editorial board. Black lives matter. Black voices matter. The Daily Barometer stands in solidarity with those demanding...

Delaney Shea

Letter from the Editor: No March 30 print edition, but online presence will elevate

Delaney Shea, Editor-in-Chief
March 27, 2020

It's difficult to believe that just a few weeks ago, Oregon State University students were merely encouraged to pay extra attention to hygiene and educate themselves about a novel strain of coronavirus...

Genesis Hansen arrest

Editorial: Knowing your rights is a courageous act

The Baro Staff
October 21, 2019

The police have the right to pull citizens over. Genesis Hansen had the right to full understanding of the circumstances of her stop and her arrest. She should have been able to ask for the law requiring...

Drone photograph of the Memorial Union Quad.

Letter from the Editor: ‘Journalism needs a new ethic’

Marcus Trinidad, Editor-in-Chief
October 8, 2018

After publishing a news story about Oregon State University food retailers switching to paper straws, I realized at time of press that the story neglected to represent marginalized persons with disabilities...

General Opinion Graphic

Letter from the Editor: ‘Next time is Now’

Marcus Trinidad, Editor-in-Chief
October 1, 2018

After receiving and reviewing an advertisement from Trojan, a company which produces contraceptive products, we had to reject it. It wasn’t the typical sexual innuendos commonly associated with those...

Andrew Oswalts platform for his Student Fee Committee candidacy was published in The Baro on May 14, 2018. The other six candidates platforms were published as well. 

EDITORIAL: Why The Baro published uncensored ‘alt-right’ candidate platform

Lauren Sluss, Editor-in-Chief
May 17, 2018

Statements printed in effort to educate, inform voters on upcoming electionYou may have noticed The Baro published statements from the last print issue which contained inflammatory views—statements which...

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