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Inside of the Strand Gallery at Oregon State on Feb. 8th. Displayed is Betty LaDuke’s work.

Betty LaDuke art exhibit grows agricultural awareness

Avery Myers, News Contributor
February 20, 2024

Bold, brilliant colors flow through the canvas and the texture of dried paints spatters the artwork, inviting the onlooker deeper into the mind of artist Betty LaDuke, and the messages behind her creativity. Oregon...

Workers at Dinosaur Valley Studios in Alberta, Canada restore a blue whale skeleton that washed ashore on the Oregon Coast in 2015. The skeleton is expected to go on display at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in May.

Blue whale skeleton to be displayed at Hatfield Marine Science Center

Lucinda Boyle, News Contributor
February 18, 2024

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the name of Marine Mammal Institute founder Bruce Mate. As a graduate student at Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute, Sheanna Steingass...

A  fallen tree lays in front of Kearny Hall at Oregon State University on Jan. 16th. Surrounded in caution tape, it created a temporary obstacle for those in the area.

OSU officials explain how decision to close campus is made

Lucinda Boyle, News Contributor
February 16, 2024

At 3:30 a.m. on Jan. 18, while Corvallis was sleeping under a sheet of ice, Mike Bamberger was compiling the latest weather reports. An hour later, Bamberger, OSU’s emergency manager, was presenting...

Wiley Thompson pictured walking through the Corvallis Central Park on Thur, Feb. 1, 2023. The OSU extension service works on a variety of projects, including the OSU master gardener program; OSU master gardeners then engage in projects such as much of the landscaping in the Corvallis Central Park.

OSU Extension boosts Oregon’s youth engagement

Audrey Saiz, Senior Reporter
February 14, 2024

Tayleur Baker, a first-year communications major at Oregon State University spent her summer before college interning in the Harney County OSU Extension and Engagement office, near her hometown of Bend,...

OSU project helps grow olives in Oregon

OSU project helps grow olives in Oregon

Kip Franich, News Contributor
February 12, 2024

When you picture an olive farm, you may imagine a warm, sunny Mediterranean country like Spain or Greece. While Oregon, with its rainy, cold winters may not jump to mind, Oregon State University’s...

SFC Committee votes to reject fee-funded wage increase, approves other packages

SFC Committee votes to reject fee-funded wage increase, approves other packages

Alexander Banks and AJ Damiana
February 11, 2024

In their final meeting, the Student Fee Committee voted to reject the proposal for a fee-funded student wage increase and approved other proposals, like increasing the amount of student tickets for athletics. According...

Students rehearse for No Future in the Gladys Valley Gymnastics Center on Feb. 8.

OSU students to put on “No Future” at Common Fields

Kip Franich, News Contributor
February 10, 2024

Oregon State University students are putting on a play next week at Common Fields in Corvallis for the first show of the new season of OSU theater. This year, OSU students are getting the ball running...

Oregon State University students and Corvallis residents gather in the Student
Experience Plaza on campus protesting against Israel on Thursday. Originally expected to be a
protest against planned Pro-Israeli spokespeople in a closed door event Thursday evening, the
event was canceled and the protest was moved to the afternoon.

OSU students protest in response to Israeli Defense Force ‘meet and greet’

Vincent Ho, News Contributor
February 9, 2024

Correction: Incorrect information regarding Khawater Hussein's thoughts on the event shutdown was included in the initial posting of this article on Feb. 9. Hussein said she was disappointed in the reasoning...

ASOSU Senators read and discuss the NARCAN bill presented to the senate in Corvallis, OR, on Jan. 9, 2024.

Effort to bring NARCAN to dorms continues following ASOSU approval

Kip Franich, News Contributor
February 8, 2024

The Resident Hall Association brought a bill to vote at Associated Students of Oregon State University’s Senate meeting on Jan. 10 to make life-saving emergency care more accessible at OSU. The motion,...

This machine is an electric weed control in a hazelnut crop as a part of OSU’s research testing non-chemical ways of controlling weeds.

Ferrero to support OSU research, hoping to crack the case on hazelnut sustainability

Riley LeCocq, Senior Reporter
February 5, 2024

Over 800 multi-generational farms, more than 45,000 acres and $500,000 from a multinational company could pave the way for the future of hazelnuts in Oregon and beyond. The Ferrero company, an Italian...

PhD student Fei Long (he/him) poses in Hong Liu’s lab on January 19, 2024.

OSU researchers share experience with Sun, Sea Grants

Vincent Ho, News Contributor
February 5, 2024

Fei Long and Joshua Blockstein, both doctoral students at Oregon State University, have had the sun and sea behind them as they research ways to advance humanity. OSU’s Sea Grant and Sun Grant backed...

Left; Calhoun Lark, right; Michael Sonza. Photo is from the 2023 Cultivating Change Foundation’s summit at the USDA’s headquarters in Washington DC.

OSU clubs bring inclusivity to agriculture

Maya Brisan, News Contributor
February 5, 2024

Two clubs in Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Science are working to help underrepresented students find community and careers in agriculture. Students for Cultivating Change is a...

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