Halloween; Fine balance between fun and safety

Gabe Landstrom, Practicum Contributor

Last year there was close to 500 police calls four days leading up to and on Halloween. Not all were caused by students, but the assumption is that it was. With Homecoming and Halloween weekend coming up, Oregon State University is working to keep the community safe during the celebrations. This year 12 additional officers will be out on campus and in the community.

The law enforcement’s job starts with engagement, education, visibility, and if need be enforcement. Their first goal is to be a good partner and student’s jobs is to be a good partner too.

“We are working for everyone to be as safe as possible,” state police Sergeant Huff Meyer said. He also mentioned that there will be vehicle and bike patrols so be cognoscente of your surroundings and actions.

Steve Clark, the vice president for university relations at OSU, gave some insight on how to have fun and stay unscathed this weekend.

“Respect them as members of the community and as people and they will respect you” Clark said, “Their first job is to educate and engage the last thing they will do if they have to is arrest someone.”

Clark urged students to understand the responsibilities of being a good neighbor and beaver. Here are some of the advice he had to give.

“Students can host parties. That’s a great thing. You can plan a party and have alcohol. That’s fine too, but what you might want to do is actually call the police department and tell them you are going to have a party at this address, and say here is what I’m going to do to ensure that there is no underage drinking,” Clark said. “The police will say thank you for letting them know and for being a good neighbor. Now their job is not to crack down on the party and they will see you handled the situation responsibly.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that you should know what you are drinking and the volume. Also, be aware of your surroundings and space limitations. Let people know where you are going and when you will get there.

“Alcohol and marijuana should be used in moderation, enjoyed but not used in execs,” said Clark. “If you’re traveling in a group of fifty people know that it is a bit obvious so think about traveling in smaller groups.”

ASOSU president Rachel Grisham added via email “Do not hesitate to intervene in unsafe situations. Be an active bystander.”

She also reminded everyone that medical Amnesty protects students from the law when using 9-1-1 in medical situations and emergencies. So be active and mindful of having an enjoyable weekend that won’t prohibit you from enjoying the next one. Stay safe and stay in community.

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