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Sacred Art Tattoo Parlor and High Priestess Piercing and Tattoos were voted two of the best tattoo parlors in Corvallis. In addition to being voted in for best tattoo parlor, High Priestess was voted in for best piercing studios.

Both parlors are in close proximity to the Oregon State University campus. High Priestess is located on 23rd avenue and Monroe boulevard in a business complex, sharing the building with Subway, Penguin Flowers, Shogun Bowl and Domino’s Pizza.

High Priestess has been in Corvallis since the January of 2001 and has two piercing artists on staff along with four tattoo artists and three staff members who work the front counter.

Located in the Cobblestone Square complex on Monroe boulevard, Sacred Art Tattoo Parlor and is one of the oldest tattoo parlors in the state, according to owner and tattoo artist Joey Taylor.

Sacred Art has been in Cobblestone Square since the August of 1995, long before tattoo laws were grandfathered into state legislature.

Taylor commented that Sacred Art has been around for so long that it’s almost old enough to drink.

“We’re just average guys doing good tattoos,” Taylor said.

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