Letter from the editor: The Barometer’s new look

Riley LeCocq, Editor-in-Chief

The Barometer has taken a different shape as you all have noticed in this month’s print edition. We have shifted our printing format to a more traditional broadsheet paper and away from the look the Barometer has had for the past eight years or so. This change may be unfamiliar to some, but it comes about as the Barometer works to adapt and evolve to the news of today.


As the newspaper printing industry as a whole faces changes in an ever changing news culture, we at the Barometer are following suit. 


In this new print format we will be  able to deliver a more designed printed product in more creative ways while continuing to do what we have always done, delivering you truthful and independent news.


Since September we have been exploring new ways to uplift voices, share stories and create relevant content to the students and community of Corvallis. Such as our first article published in Spanish in print, featuring student made puzzles and increased content delivery through social media. 


We are excited to continue these endeavors in the new year beginning with this January issue and keep evolving to serve you all best. 


 I invite you to share your thoughts of what you would want to see more of in the Barometers’ coverage this year through the “submit a news tip” tab under “about” on our website. 


Thank you for your continued support.

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