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For sophomore and marketing and entrepreneurship major Joshua Lucas, photography is not only a hobby, but a way of life.

“I strive every second I pick up a camera to capture the reality of life, no matter the situation,” Lucas said. “To capture meaning is very important to me, so I always work my hardest to photograph true moments and feelings.

Lucas’s interest in photography originated from a choir trip he attended when he was 16 years old.

“One of my friends handed me his camera and I just started shooting,” Lucas said. “Everyone loved the pictures I was taking, and I fell in love with it instantly. It was my first time holding a camera, but it became my life passion pretty quick.”

Lucas’s love for photography flourished into his own business, J. Lucas Photography, offering wedding, portrait and event photography. Lucas’s business allows him document his clients’ memories, one of his passions.

“Capturing people’s memories and beautiful parts of the world is one of my biggest interests,” Lucas said. “Although wedding photography is a lot of work, I love being able to document important events which only happen once.”

Although Lucas enjoys event photography, his true passion lies in photographing the world.

“Nature and humanity leaves me with many curiosities,” Lucas said. “The curiosity for secrets, hidden beauty and knowledge pushes me to travel and capture beautiful parts of the world.”

More information on Lucas and offered services can be found on the J. Lucas Photography webpage.

“People is not only a hobby or profession for me, but a way of life,” Lucas said. “To document my perspective on the world, I believe, will inspire others to learn and explore for themselves.”

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