Heavy rain doesn’t stop the Greek IM football championships

Max Braly, Sports Contributor

Sig Ep and Dump ‘Em Out win the Open and Greek IM Championships

The rain on Tuesday night was as relentless as Sig Eps’ defense against Varsity House in the 2015 Intramural Football Greek Championship.

Varsity House, started the game on offense and one play into the game they found themselves defending. Sig Ep, intercepted Varsity House quarterback Austin Green’s first throw and returned it deep into Varsity House’s red zone. Sig Ep took advantage of the short field and scored two plays later when quarterback Michael Zupan connected with Morgan Folz.

Sig Ep would score another touchdown before Varsity House could get on the board. Varsity House finally scored when Green tossed a touchdown pass to wide receiver Austin Altringer — the first points Sig Ep had allowed during the playoffs.

By halftime Sig Ep lead 21-6. During the regular season Varsity House had held opponents under six points in four of their games. The 21 points allowed in the first half came as a surprise.

“There were a few times that our secondary got beat, but I think we couldn’t have asked anymore of any of the guys that night. We all played hard,” said Altringer a senior in digital communication arts.

The second half open similarly to the first half, Varsity House did their best Sig Ep impression by picking off Zupan’s throw on the second play. Good field position was not wasted and Varsity House scored on a Green throw to Austin Morey, cutting Sig Ep’s lead to nine.

Green was under pressure for most of the game, making it difficult for their offense to get in rhythm. They would only score one more touchdown.

During the regular season, Sig Ep had only lost one game. This happened to be their only regular season loss in the last four years. Rhett Ybarra, senior studying apparel design, said that loss was a turning point in the season. Before that, the guys weren’t focused or invested. The practices became more structured, and the squad became a better team.

“There are a lot of seniors on this team, and it’d be special to send them out on top,” Ybarra said of his team’s motivation to win.

By the end of the game the score was 40-18 in favor of Sig Ep.

Current Varsity House resident and IM fan, Tryggve Borchers, a senior studying business, was disappointed with the loss but enjoyed the competition.

“It was great to cheer on fellow members of our house and watch a great game of IM football, even though it was raining,” he said.

Men’s Open: Weota Vs. Dump ‘em Out

It was the tale of two halves in the Men’s Open League Championship. Dump ‘em Out was first on the scoreboard on quarterback Michael Takamori’s touchdown pass. Weota responded with their own touchdown, but failed on the extra point.

After an exchange of touchdowns, Dump ‘em Out scored a touchdown on a short field setup by an interception. The score going to halftime was 20-19 in favor of Dump ‘em Out.

Both teams defense picked up in the second half and neither team scored. At the end of the game Takamori had a chance to score, but elected to take a knee on the one yard line with only 20 seconds left to play, sealing the victory.

When Dump ‘em Out team captain, Bret Bryant, senior in new media communications with a business minor, thought of players that could compete for a championship at the town favorite  Peacock Bar and Grill, everyone was considered. But the team was narrowed down to roommates, coworkers, fraternity brothers and friends — all were athletes.

“You’re athletic and you’re athletic, we are all going to be athletic,” Bryant said of how he choose the team.

Bryant’s vision of a more athletic team prevailed. Dump ‘em Out defeated Weota 20-19.


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