Letter To The Editor: Does CPD care?


Natalie Lutz

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Millicent Durand

Last month, a trans woman was assaulted and had her nose broken outside the 7/11 on Kings by two men. Since then, despite them being identified and their faces plastered all over social media, the CPD *STILL* took over a week to make an arrest, only to release them on bail. This is not only unacceptable, but also reinforces that the CPD cares more about giving out traffic tickets than it does investigating actual hate crimes. There are people with non violent drug charges sitting in jail, while actual threats to our community are on the loose. As a trans person, one who walks home late at night, I’ve found myself looking over my shoulder more often than not. What if these men assault someone else? What if they murder someone? Will the CPD care? Does the OSUPD give a damn?
Millicent Durand
Class of 2021 Alumni
Former News Contributor For the Daily Barometer
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