Beaver gymnastics wins tri-meet against Bruins and Aggies, moves to 4-0


Kayla Jones

Oregon State freshman all-around gymnast Jade Carey sticking her landing with her teammates watching on in the Beaver tri-meet against the UCLA Bruins and the University of California, Davis Aggies in Corvallis, Ore. on Jan 23, 2022. Carey would set a program record of 39.8 points, and the Beavers would score an overall team score of 197.00 to win the tri-meet against the Bruins (196.300) and the Aggies (194.700)

Georgina Paez, Sports Contributor

This past Sunday, the Oregon State women’s gymnastics team put on their orange and black leotards to compete against the UCLA Bruins and University of California, Davis Aggies at Gill Coliseum.

In a meet filled with beautiful routines and roars from the crowd, the Beavers won the tri-meet, scoring a 197.000, while the Bruins scored a 196.300, and the Aggies scored a 194.700.

First up, the Beavers competed in the vault event. Freshman gymnast Karlie Chavez finished the vault with two feet on the floor and received a score of 9.775. Following Chavez, sophomore gymnast Sydney Gonzalez stepped up to the plate and ended with a 9.850. Freshman Lauren Letzsch received a 9.775 just like Chavez. Getting the crowd electric with her finale was graduate gymnast Kaitlyn Yanish, who got a 9.875. Senior gymnast Madi Dagen also received a 9.775, and freshman gymnast Jade Carey closed the vault off for her team with a score of 9.900. In total, the Beavers received a score of 49.175. This concluded the first rotation of the tri-meet. During this time, the Bruins received a score of 49.175 on bars and the Aggies had a score of 47.125 on beam

Next up, the Beavers faced the uneven bars. Graduate gymnast Colette Yamaoka started the team off with a score of 9.700. Next up, Dagen finished with a solid landing on the mat and a score of 8.850. Following Dagen is junior gymnast Jenna Domingo, who got the crowd roaring with a perfect landing and a score of 9.800. Junior gymnast Kayla Bird, landing with a somersault, received a 9.750. Freshman gymnast Phoebe Jakubczyk also scored a 9.800. And finally, Carey ended with both feet on the mat and finished off with a perfect score of 10.000, which sent Gill Coliseum into a frenzy. This now concluded the second to last rotation of the tri-meet.

Midway through the meet, the Beavers led with a score of 98.175. UCLA followed close behind with a 98.025 and UC Davis with a 97.3000.

The Beavers took on the beam event next. Jakubczyk started this one off with an elegant routine and earned a score of 9.775. Next up, Letzsch began her routine with the splits and ended with a strong double somersault. She received a 9.825. Domingo surpassed that with a score of 9.950. Gonzales finished with both feet firmly on the mat and received a 9.850. Dagen, also with a perfect landing, earned a 9.8000. And with the closer ready, Carey smiles and is embraced by her teammates as she finishes again with a perfect score of 10.000.

Oregon State ended this rotation with an overall score of 147.550, following closely behind UCLA’s 156.925. The team knew that it all came down to their last event; floor.

Gonzales started the team off, her routine consisting of strong somersaults and back handsprings. She ended with a score of 9.800. Bird, with grace and flair, got the crowd roaring with her routine and earned a 9.800. Letzsch’s routine, with strong classical music backing her up, got the crowd roaring due to her strong finish and received a score of 9.900. Dagen also got Beaver nation electrified with her vibrant personality showing through her floor routine and ended with a score of 9.850. Yanish finished strong with a 9.900.

Carey finished the floor routine for the Beavers. Even the competing gymnasts were captivated as they watched Carey on the floor, and Carey earned a standing ovation from the entire gymnasium, along with a near perfect score of 9.975.

When asked about how she felt knowing that everyone had her eyes on her during her floor routine, Carey was nothing but grateful for the out pour of support and love from Beaver Nation.

“That means everything to me,” Carey said. “That everyone in the whole entire arena was supporting me and cheering me on.”

Overall, with a score of 39.80, Jade Carey was the top performer for the meet, while the OSU gymnastics team as a whole won the meet with a score of 197.0. Carey’s 39.80 is a new program-best for the Oregon State gymnastics team.

Post-meet, Coach Chaplin had nothing but good things to say about the performance of her athletes.

“I was so proud of the fight that they showed all the way through the competition,” Chaplin said. “They did a great job of coming through and thinking ‘Ok, how do we fight?’. But I was so proud of everyone, even if we had a few mistakes here and there, we fought till the end.”

The next OSU gymnastics meet will take place on Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m., as they take on the Arizona State University Sun Devils in Corvallis, Ore.

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