A hard fought game leads the Beavers to a loss against the Huskies


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Defensive coordinator Trent Bray talks to his defense on the sideline during a game against Washington State on Oct. 15. Brays defense held the Huskies to their lowest pass completion percentage this year in a game that held the Huskies to only 24 points in the loss.

Maggie Atkins, Sports Contributor

On Friday, Oregon State left Husky Stadium with a loss against the University of Washington, leaving the Beavers 6-3 and the Huskies 7-2.

This leaves the Beavers’ ranking questionable as this game was important for the berth in the PAC-12 conference championship game.

The first drive of the game in the hands of the Beavers led to a touchdown scored by running back Deshaun Fenwick followed by the extra kick that was deemed good.

The Huskies then were unable to score in the first quarter, yet they came away with defensive plays that made an impact on the flow of the Beavers’ offense. The Huskies looked right through the offensive play of Jack Colletto and managed to stop him from converting a third down halfway through the first half.

Going into the second quarter the Beavers were unable to convert on fourth down as the Huskies were not as successful with the ball on the offensive side either. The Huskies punter dropped the ball and kicked it out of bounds giving the Beavers the ability to take advantage and get a good field position.

During the second quarter, inside linebacker Easton Mascarenas got his first pick-six as he put the Beavers ahead. For the rest of the quarter, penalties put the Beavers at a halt of being successful during drives.

In the last few seconds of the second quarter, the Beavers came up with a defensive stop on third down as the Huskies went for it on fourth down, and defensive back Jaydon Grant almost came away with an interception with 8 seconds left in the quarter. The Beavers led 14-7 going into halftime.

Back from halftime, the Huskies punt it away on the first drive and the Beavers do not have any success at scoring when they receive in the first few minutes of the quarter. The Huskies go for it on third and long and score a touchdown with an extra point that was deemed good, tying the score after the half.

In a way of a comeback, the Beavers receive an automatic first down from a face mask penalty that gives them the advantage. Fenwick makes his second touchdown of the evening on third and short, putting the Beavers ahead going into the fourth quarter.

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Huskies came up with another touchdown in the first four minutes. Throughout the fourth quarter, there is a delay due to the lights going out at Husky Stadium giving both teams time to rest.

Due to two penalties in a row, the Beavers are put behind as they struggle to find a way of scoring in the fourth quarter. During the last 12 seconds of the fourth quarter, the Huskies pulled a stunner and came ahead 24-21 with the first attempted field goal of the evening that was deemed good. In the last 10 seconds, the Beavers fought with a lateral play to stun the Huskies but were unsuccessful.

Though this game was hard fought by both teams and the weather with the wind made the playing conditions more difficult, this loss makes the Beavers’ newfound ranking questionable.

Next Saturday, the Oregon State Beavers (6-3, 3-3 PAC-12) face the California Golden Bears on Saturday, November 12th at Reser Stadium.


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