$15,000 offered for technology-based research projects at OSU

Nino Paoli, News Contributor

The Oregon State University Advantage Innovation Impact Program is offering up to $15,000 to fund research and development for select technology-based projects that push OSU-owned technologies closer to commercialization.

Accelerator Innovation and Development funding is offered up three times a year, with the winter AID fund application period ending Nov. 30. The projects can inhabit any discipline, but must be geared towards commercialization of OSU owned technologies. 

Proposals that are awarded funding will begin Jan. 2023, and span roughly six to nine months.

Upon accepting AID funding, the project teams are required to participate in the Accelerate program, run by OSU Advantage Accelerator, which spans eight to ten weeks and works to assist teams on their ideas and guide their products towards a viable market. 

Current clients of OSU Advantage Accelerator range from undergraduate computer science major, Timothy Marias, who is working with a community member on developing a platform for farm equipment and services rental, to Associate Professor Dana Sanchez’s development of a lethal vole trap to help control the population. 

More on the application process and timeline can be found at: https://advantage.oregonstate.edu/advantage-accelerator/funding-opportunities/aid-fundThe OSU Advantage Accelerator office encourages applicants to talk with staff members prior to submitting an application for feedback and guidance. Those interested in applying should contact Molly Arnold, the Innovation Impact Catalyst, at [email protected].

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