OSU to close some parking lots for sweeping over Thanksgiving week

Wes Flow, News Contributor

Oregon State University’s Transportation Services will be closing several parking lots for street sweeping and maintenance between Monday and Wednesday next week, according to a recent Transportation Services email.

On Monday, there will be closures to the A1 zone of the Orchard Ave. South lot, the B3 zone and the R zone of the Richardson Hall South lot, the C zone of the Jefferson Street Building West lot and the RA zone of the 16th St. East lot.

On Tuesday, there will be A2 zone closures for the East Campus Way lot, the Bates Hall North lot and the 27th St. and Arnold Way lot, an A3 zone closure in the East Jefferson Ave. lot, a B1 zone closure in the East Campus Way lot, a B3 zone closure in the Crop Science Building West lot, and the C zone of the Energy Center South lot.

For Wednesday, the University Plaza South lot will be closed, as well as an RA zone closure in the North 16th St. West lot, an A1 zone in the Orchard Ave. North lot, the B3 zone of the National Forage Seed Center East lot, the C zone of the Sports Complex East lot

There will also be R zone closures in the Adams Ave Northeast lot, Washington Ave Southeast lot, Washington Ave and 11th St South lot, May Way lot, Orchard Ave North lot and National Forage Seed Center lot on Wednesday.

According to OSU Transportation Services, lots will reopen when work is completed, and they warn vehicles parked in closed lots during cleaning may get dirty.

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