ASOSU releases 2023 senator election results, leaves last appointment up to chance


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Nino Paoli, News Reporter

The Associated Students of Oregon State University 2023 senator results names eleven winners, and a rare tie.

Though all election results for the 2023 ASOSU election were intended to be released on March 10, a ballot error – which affected 45 voters – in the senator section postponed the elected senator results, which were released around 4 p.m. on March 13.

According to ASOSU Judicial Council Vice-Chair Ethan Hampton, 45 filled-out ballots listed only 6 of the 18 candidates running for a senator seat. The 45 voters who were affected by the error were given the option to revote on a ballot that named all 18 senator candidates.

Out of the 45 voters, 13 voted on the updated ballots, and the remaining 32 ballots were counted as they were originally filled out. 

After these 45 ballots were counted, 11 senators were named, but the final position presents a tie. 

“The senate race has ended in a tie for the last spot,” ASOSU Vice President Sierra Young said. “According to our statutes, what we have to do is in some sort of public forum, so likely over Zoom, we take the candidates that have tied and we do a drawing by lot, which basically is just a draw from a hat for who wins the seat.”

According to the preliminary 2023 ASOSU election results document, six senators were elected to a 2-year seat in the 2022 ASOSU election and are referred to as “Legacy Senators” as they were elected by the student body prior to the enactment of the new ASOSU Constitution. These individuals, one being Julia Hayes, who ran for ASOSU president this election, will retain their seat until June 1, 2024.

Since there are 18 senate seats in total, the remaining 12 were up for grabs in this election. 

Every senator-elect who won a seat has accepted their nomination, except Sarah Theall, who has not yet been reached by ASOSU, and is tied with Teaghan Knox at 633 votes each.


  1. Maia Brown – 940 votes
  2. Hailey Brown – 897 votes
  3. Katyayani Karlapati – 848 votes
  4. Erica Nyarko – 831 votes
  5. Camryn Lau – 812 votes
  6. Carolyn Pearce – 776 votes
  7. Audrey Porter – 774 votes
  8. Elizabeth Eckman – 749 votes
  9. Ayodola Kayode-Popoola – 729 votes
  10. Olivia Cartwright (Olive) – 694 votes
  11. Riley Walsh – 673 votes
  12. Teaghan Knox or Sarah Theall – To be determined by lot between the tied candidates, if Theall accepts her nomination

Continuing Senators

  1. Noa Stoll
  2. Iman Adem
  3. Kaitlyn Kim
  4. Jarrett Alto
  5. Julia Hayes
  6. Chandler Donahey


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