Golden Bears batting too much for Beavers’ softball, Beavers lose 15-6


Fern Barber

Oregon State softball player Grace Messmer plays shortstop at Kelly field on Saturday, March 18 in Corvallis, Ore. OSU challenged California and were defeated 15-6.

Maggie Akins, Sports Contributor

Although batting eight home runs through the game, the Beavers were unsuccessful in their attempt against the California Golden Bears after losing their starting pitcher early.

Sophomore Ellie Garcia got injured early in the second inning and disrupted what was meant to be her first start of the season. 

With a semi-bit of hope, the Beavers were unable to maintain their flow and lost to the University of California Golden Bears as they kept going to make it a 15-6 game. 

The second inning was the kick-starter for the Golden Bears as California scored four times from the result of two home runs. 

On the other hand, the Beavers were not able to score a run until the third inning. They happened to keep the Bears from scoring in the third inning as the Beavers went on to score through a home run by sophomore Eliana Gottlieb.

Fans around had hope of a comeback with the Beavers moving forward as they cheered as loud as they could and challenged the Golden Bears fans in the stands. 

The fourth inning had the same pace for the Beavers as they were able to score three times, a home run from junior Abby Doerr, her sixth of the season, was what put up the three runs. 

This time the Golden Bears were able to produce the same as they also scored three runs. 

With the Beavers having put up three home runs, the Golden Bears made the decision to switch pitchers to their sophomore pitcher, Annabel Teperson.

In the fifth and sixth innings, the Golden Bears were limited to one per inning and the Beavers went empty handed. 

They were not able to productively get something on the board with the Golden Bears challenging pitching. It made things harder for the Beavers to be able to produce a run. 

After the slow fifth and sixth innings, the seventh inning was when things started to get a bit exciting, for the Golden Bears at least.

The Golden Bears went on to score five runs in the seventh inning. 

They got a home run that allowed two other batters to run home and they kept going for triples down the middle of the field, which was where the Beavers struggled to cover defensively all night. 

The game came to a close as freshman Morgan Howey was out before she made it to first by a catch from a Golden Bears outfielder and freshman Shay McDowell striking out. 

The Beavers face the Golden Bears again on Sunday at 11 a.m. to finish out the series as it came to a tie tonight. 

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