Student on the street: What do you do to maintain your mental health?

Jace Jett, News Contributor

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we asked students around Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus what they do in their own life to maintain their mental health.

Anna Merrill (he/they)

Music Major

“I like to journal a lot, it’s something I’ve done for years, since 2016. (Journaling) just kind of helps me organize my thoughts and get all my emotions out … I also like to reach out to friends and family and talk to them … also, going for walks, putting in some earbuds and viewing nature.”














Ben Fayloga (he/him)

Kinesiology Major

“I just work out at Dixon (Recreation Center).”














Emmet Ritter (he/him)

Graphic Design Major 

“(I maintain my mental health) mostly through drawing. I’m an art student so I feel really connected to my own mental health by drawing for fun, and expressing my emotions, especially hard emotions that I’m having, by journaling and doodling … being sure to make time for art and putting aside homework and work (for) a structured hour or two where I’m just going to focus on a painting I’m doing or practicing drawing or just doing stuff that I find enjoyable.”















Zamilla Lugg (she/her)

Graphic Design Major

“I kind of  balance doing homework and friends and then I do like a reward system with myself. So if I do all of my homework for the week, I get an ice cream bar or something … but it’s a little reward and it keeps me going, and spending time with friends is also a reward.”















Becky Killion (she/her)

Psychology Major

“In psychology classes subjects … can definitely be difficult to talk about. I find that having friends that are open to talking about your struggles, and also mediation and mindfulness, (can be helpful).”

“Sometimes I use wellness apps to try and help with that, and I also see a therapist to try to help with that. Mainly just being able to talk to other people and being involved in clubs like Dam Worth It and the Out of Darkness Committee has really helped open my eyes to how supportive the community is and how you can find support in many different ways on campus.”














Carrington Fastelin (she/her)

Public Health Major

“I like to exercise and go outside a lot. I’m in the running club and I like to go to the gym with my friends sometimes.”














Jade Egger (she/her)

Computer Science and Graphic Design Major

“I just go on with my day and just vibe. I don’t really have a set method because I’ve been pretty mentally okay. So, no, I haven’t changed anything.”

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