Photo Story: Thank You Essential Workers

Cooper Baskins

For many of us at OSU we’re preparing for another year of online schooling, another year of online meet ups, virtual launch parties, even Rolling Loud will take place on Twitch this year. However, behind every trip to the supermarket, every trip to the veterinary clinic, even receiving a package in the mail, there is an essential worker risking their safety to provide this service. Join us in appreciating and acknowledging the hard work that essential workers contribute to the Corvallis Community.  

As Mckenna Baskins, Veterinary technician at St. Francis explains, “We all do our best in this profession to show up and do a great job for our team and our patients. But to an extent we feel underappreciated through this pandemic. People get angry at us about long wait times and curbside service, but at the end of the day we are doing our best to keep our health and families safe and help save the lives of people’s furry friends.” 

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