Student on the street: Where’s your favorite place to hike at the coast?

Anikia Phuvasate
Anikia Phuvasate
Sam Nicklous

With fall term quickly approaching and summer coming to an end, there isn’t much time left to enjoy the warm weather at the Oregon coast before we’ve all run out of time.

Here are some of Oregon State University students’ favorite places to hike at the Oregon Coast:

Anikia Phuvasate (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Anikia Phuvasate

Year and major: Fourth-year biohealth sciences

“I don’t know any specific places but I like the places near Pacific City. I think it’s because it’s nostalgic for me because I grew up going there.”


Amani Noor (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Amani Noor

Year and major: fourth-year biohealth sciences

“One that’s close to Lincoln City but isn’t necessarily a coast hike is just Drift Creek Falls. I love that. There’s like a huge suspension bridge and I mean I don’t like heights, but it you’re up there, (it’s like) really beautiful.”


Halllie Ezeki (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Halllie Ezeki

Year and major: Sixth-year biology


“I do like the nature parks like the Devil’s Punchbowl and stuff like that. It was one of the first spots I went to when I came out here to tour from Minnesota. So I came out here and we went to the coast right away.”


Rob Brinkley (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Rob Brinkley

Year and major: Fifth-year International business and marketing


“Kings Mountain.”


Caitlin Mitchell (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Caitlin Mitchell

Year and major: First-year Biohealth Sciences


“Pacific City. It’s the beach that I’ve always gone to with my family. So I’ve been going there since I was little and so it’s just kind of been the default beach for me.”


Peyton Manning (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Peyton Manning

Year and major: third-year bioengineering


“There’s this one spot along the coast called Devil’s Kitchen. It has like a nice little trail heading down to the beach. I’m not one for hiking outside of the beach area.


Brendan Rooney (Sam Nicklous, photographer)

Student name: Brendan Rooney

Year and major: Fourth-year microbiology


“Around Otter Rock because I know a few secret spots there. I have a friend that he’s lived there for most of his life and he showed me a lot of cool little areas that most people don’t know about.”


Reece Morgan (Sam Nicklous, photograhper)

Student name: Reece Morgan

Year and major: Third-year computer science


“My favorite one is the Hobbit Trail literally just north of Florence I think, but not exactly sure. I’ve always gone there with my family and then you can walk barefoot there because  the path is all really soft and then a lot of pine needles are there. It’s just a nice vibe, Oregon vibe for sure.”


For those looking to hike or visit someplace by Newport, the Coast to Valley Express bus service provides regular trips to Newport for a fee of $6.

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