The DAM Mailbag: WBB, PAC-12, Beaver football schedule and coaches

Oregon State Women’s Basketball players high five their teammate Raegan Beers (15) on the sidelines at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene on Feb. 4.
Oregon State Women’s Basketball players high five their teammate Raegan Beers (15) on the sidelines at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene on Feb. 4.
Taya Etzell

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It’s that time again! I finally found the key for the Barometer Sports PO box in between some couch cushions, and I’m ready to read your Oregon State sports questions and answer them in: the DAM Mailbag.

Who is on the women’s basketball Mount Rushmore? – Brian Rathbone

My Mount Rushmore for Oregon State WBB would have to be in no particular order Mikayla Pivec, Reagan Beers (might be a bit premature, but definitely in the makings to be an all-time great), Carol Menken, and Sydney Wiese. Feel free to disagree with the list if you would like to.

Any insight on why Cookus didn’t get the special teams coaching position? – @BrandynJasa

The best reason I have for why Cookus wasn’t retained in the special team’s coaching role is a difference in philosophies with him and Bray. Bray likely wanted to have his own guy in place and incoming special teams coach Jamie Christian has had a great record a special teams coach in his coaching stops. There also is a limited number of spots available for a school to have for coaches and that could have played a role as well in that decision if Cookus was looking to coach in another position outside of special teams. After the whole fake field goal fiasco against Arizona, which I still can’t believe that play was given the green light after showing the look early in the first half, this past season personally losing Cookus won’t hurt the team significantly next season.

Who’s the best head coach at OSU? – Kevin Brown

I don’t like to pick favorites for head coaches, there are a lot of coaches that I like at Oregon State. If I had to pick best as in who are my favorite coaches to talk to in no order would be head coach Laura Berg (Softball), Mitch Canham (Baseball), Trent Bray (Football), and Wayne Tinkle (MBB). Nothing against the other coaches here at OSU, I just haven’t had the opportunity to talk to them yet.

Best surprise player of the year?  – @beavs_report

The best surprise player for me this past football season with a lot of guys leaving was Jimmy Valsin, had a lot of hype around him going into camp. Valsin got to show his skills in a feature role in the Sun Bowl so would expect him to get more playing time next season as a WR3 or WR4.

Does Scott Barnes signing an extension give us a peek into the crystal ball at all in your opinion? – Pat Beaverman

I would say that it does provide a peak into the crystal ball and provides clarity on our situation moving forward operating as the PAC-2 or 2PAC Conference for the next two years. Essentially having continuity in both the athletic director position and president with a lot of uncertainty beyond scheduling programs for next season and in 2026 is beneficial for us going forward.

What commitments do the men’s and women’s basketball teams have for next year? – Stan Hagen

A little early looking ahead with both seasons ongoing at the moment, I do know that Jazzy Davidson in the class of 2025 at one point was offered by the Beavers, but Oregon State didn’t end up in her finalists. As for the men’s team, I haven’t seen anybody offered or committed yet for the team next season. Both squads are building their classes behind the scenes, but nothing has been finalized yet for next season.

What’s your favorite sports movie? -Wes Flow

If I had to pick a favorite based on sport would be for football “The Longest Yard” and baseball it would be “Moneyball”.

Is there any timeline on when the other 6 OSU football game dates and times be announced? -@___RipCity___  

When can we expect the dates to be announced for the remaining Beaver football schedule? I’ve got a wedding to plan on our BYE week – Jason Noland

There is no official timeline yet for when the dates and times will be announced for the rest of the 2024 football schedule. I would guess that it would be sometime around spring ball at the earliest and around June at the latest giving a general timeline of when we’d get that information. I’d expect an announcement to come sometime soon from OSU athletics.

How many scholarship spots do we have available? What position group(s) is/are the most need? – @hmbeav8404   

The Beavers are currently over the scholarship limit the last time I had checked, and I would expect some spots to open should guys leave in the transfer portal after spring ball. The football team needs to be at 85 scholarship players and the team is currently at 95 scholarships headed into spring ball. The biggest need I’d say would be either kicker or tight end, but likely the staff addresses and evaluates those positions in spring ball.

What bowl game does the PAC-2 (OSU and WSU) go to if both teams make it to a bowl game next season? – Audrey Saiz

If I had to guess it would be either an at large bid or a bowl game that still currently has an affiliation with the PAC-12. I do know that the Sun Bowl, which has PAC-12 Conference affiliation is looking to change that with so much uncertainty surrounding the future of the conference itself. The latest I had heard was the Sun Bowl was looking at a BIG-10 Conference affiliation for next season, but we will have to wait and see if something comes out of those talks.

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