2020 Senior Spotlight: Qay-liwh Ammon

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Orange Media Network’s annual Senior Spotlight features students who were nominated by mentors, teachers, peers and friends as people who have demonstrated leadership, grit, and perseverance during their college careers and in this unprecedented time.

Name: Qay-liwh Ammon


One time I was challenged at OSU was…

My transition into my freshman year. Like many Indigenous students I felt completely alone as a freshman. I moved from a place that I’ve lived my entire life surrounded by family and friends to a completely new environment where I knew virtually no one. I was struggling with homesickness and trying to find my place at OSU. I was at the point where I wanted nothing to do with OSU and wanted to transfer schools or drop out. But thankfully I found my place and a family at OSU.



The people who helped me get to where I am today are…

The LSAMP Bridge program gave me friends that I have carried on throughout my years at OSU and provided me the opportunity to transition smoothly into OSU for which I am thankful for. Without LSAMP I think I would have struggled with homesickness a lot sooner than I did. I am also thankful for NASA as they were the first community where I felt at home on campus. They provided me with some of my first friends and they gave something to look forward to every week. They also pushed me into applying for the Native American Longhouse which became my home on campus and working there allowed me to grow as an individual and a student leader. They were not only coworkers but my best friends who I spent the majority of my days at OSU with. From game nights, huddling around the NAL table to advocating for what we believed in, we were always there to support one-another. And I’m thankful that I was able to be a part of that community. I think of the NAL as my immediate family and the rest of Diversity and Cultural Engagement as relatives who I may not see as often. DCE provides spaces for students to feel welcomed on campus and have a place where they belong. And I am so thankful for all DCE does as they gave me my home on campus and allowed me the opportunity to help these spaces for other students. I also am thankful to Gamma for all they have done for me. Gamma became a support system on campus. My sisters not only became my family, but they also believed in me and helped me grow as an individual. They always held me accountable and made sure I was doing the best I could do. My sisters helped create some of my favorite memories at OSU and I know that while I may be graduating and we each will go our own way, we will continue to be in each other’s lives long after OSU. And of course, my parents for spending hours with me on the phone and not letting me drop out or transfer schools. Because of them I stuck it through, found my place at OSU, and got my degree. Thank you to everyone who became my family and turned OSU from a place I wanted nothing to do with to a place that is hard to say goodbye too.


After graduation, I am…

Not sure where my path will take me, but I do plan on returning to California. While I am not sure what I’ll be doing, I want to find a job where I can work to improve and maintain water quality in rural communities.

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