Corvallis Police Log: March 30 – April 3

General Police Log Graphic

Tanveer Sandhu, Crime Beat Reporter

March 30

Assault 4/Disorderly Conduct 2

An officer was dispatched to an area by 2nd Street for the report of an argument. A man had struck his girlfriend on the left side of her face, and was arrested for assault in the fourth degree and disorderly conduct in the second degree. He was transported to the Benton County Jail, where he was left in the custody of the jail staff. The man was released later that day.

March 31

Criminal Trespass 1

An officer responded to a caller who reported a woman was attempting to enter a neighbor’s residence on NW Highland Ave. The caller said the woman had tried to open the neighbor’s door handle twice, but then walked away from the residence. The officer contacted the resident, who was at home with his family, but he had never heard someone trying to open the front door.

The officer said the woman was displaying symptoms of being under the influence of stimulants, and issued her a citation for attempted trespass in the first degree.

Probation Violation Citation

An officer saw a wheelchair in the roadway when he was driving on Monroe Avenue. He located a man sitting outside Clodfelter’s restaurant, and asked him why his wheelchair was in the roadway. The man said that a woman had pushed it into the road after she kicked him in his broken foot.

The officer contacted the woman, who denied the claim, saying the man was constantly using vulgar language and had taken possession of her wallet. The man denied taking the woman’s wallet, and said he did not want to press charges.

The officer learned the woman had an active warrant through the Lebanon Municipal Court for a Probation Violation and issued her a citation in lieu of custody for the active warrant.

April 2

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

An officer contacted a trespassing at the Heartland Humane Society. The man gave several false names before he was identified, where he was found to have numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest. The man had four Failure to Appear warrants and one Secret Indictment warrant from Benton and Lincoln County.

The officer detained the man, but he was ultimately cited and released for his warrants.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

Officers were dispatched to NW 11th Street for the report of a suspicious man standing at the front door of a residence. The officer learned there was an affidavit of probable cause to arrest the man, and the man was later detained by an officer in his patrol vehicle.

The officer then made contact with a second man who had arrived in the same car as the man who was detained. This man refused to identify himself at first, but was found to have a warrant from Linn County Circuit Court for Failure to Appear – Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.

The officer instructed the second man to exit the vehicle, and then placed him in handcuffs. The officer walked the man to his patrol car, searching him for weapons, where he found a folded pocket knife in his right pocket.

The officer placed the second man in the back of his patrol vehicle, citing him in lieu of custody through Linn County Circuit Court. He proceeded to remove the second man from the vehicle, returning his property back to him.

April 3

Criminal Mischief 2/Harassment Aggravated/Assault 4/Burglary 2/Disorderly Conduct 2/Harassment Physical Contact

An officer responded to a call at Milestone Family Recovery for an unknown problem. A resident became upset when staff had searched her room for alcohol. She assaulted two staff members and broke into an office, damaging the door. The woman spit on an officer after being taken into custody.

The woman was arrested on the basis of two assault in the fourth degree charges, criminal mischief in the second degree, burglary in the second degree and aggravated harassment. She was released from jail on the same day.

Theft 3/Criminal Trespass 1/Criminal Trespass 2 Citation

Officers responded to Safeway for a reported shoplifting. A man had walked through the front doors, grabbed a beer, and then immediately walked back outside. The man had previously been kicked out of the store, but came back and stole the item.

Officers located the man between 1st Street and Washington Avenue, and cited him in lieu of custody for Trespass in the First Degree, Trespass in the Second Degree and Theft in the Third Degree.

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