Student Health Services, CAPS provide medical treatment, counseling to OSU students

The Baro Staff

When a student is sick, the severity of their illness could prevent them from attending class or a midterm. 

Student Health Services in the Plageman Building on the Oregon State University Corvallis campus provides students on-campus access to medical care, including immunizations, contraceptive care and other needs. 

SHS will remove the required amount of payment from your student account, as cash, or as a check but will not accept any card payments. Regarding insurance, SHS mentions on their website about Students with Private Insurance: “At this time, SHS is not contracted to be a ‘preferred provider’ for any insurance plans, except the ones offered by OSU. Reimbursement amounts will vary according to your plan.”

SHS accepts many common providers of health insurance. An individual student’s insurance may not cover the entirety of lab tests, pharmaceuticals or procedures. The university also offers healthcare plans for students

without private insurance.

Professors cannot ask for your medical information. It is illegal, unless you volunteer to show your information. Professors can ask for a doctor’s note, which the Student Health Services cannot give out due to a policy of not giving any possible excuses for missing class. SHS states on their medical excuse policy portion of their site: “A student who feels his/her situation deserves special consideration may make an appointment with the Director or designee to discuss other options.”

Fees help pay for 60% of SHS and 100% of Counseling & Psychological Services, located on the 5th floor of Snell Hall. CAPS is free for students and there are free forty-five minute Single Session Clinic consultations in

the Memorial Union. 

CAPS on their FAQ portion of the SSC page states: “What happens at Single Session Clinic appointment?… You will meet with a counselor for 45 minutes who will offer supportive suggestions and resources.  You will work together to develop skills and strategies to help you address your concern. You will leave with a personalized action plan.”

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