Oregon State Athletics to discontinue women’s swimming program

Oregon State and Idaho swimmers swim neck-and-neck to try and grab a win for their team. The Beavers were the ones to walk away victorious from the meet with a final score of 159.5-96.5.

The Baro Staff

   Oregon State Women’s Swimming will be discontinued at the end of the 2018-19 season, according to an all-university email sent on Monday from Director of Athletics Scott Barnes. 

   According to the email, the decision was based on the university’s commitment to offer quality, equitable and competitive NCAA experiences while balancing financial requirements. The decision follows a review from the athletics department, President Ed Ray and the Athletics Financial Sustainability Plan Work Group that found the university could not meet its commitments while retaining women’s swimming as an NCAA sport. Current OSU pool and diving facilities do not meet NCAA standards.

   Barnes stated that the city-owned Osborn Aquatics Center, where the team currently holds competitive meets, is not comparable to other swimming facilities in the Pac-12. According to the email, a new collegiate swimming and diving facility would cost $18 – $22 million to build, not including maintenance.

   “Investing in competitive swimming program facilities would negatively impact our ability to serve facility requirements for all sports and OSU student athletes,” Barnes stated in the email.

   This would cut the number of women’s intercollegiate sports programs down to 10. Student athletes will retain their athletic scholarships despite the discontinuation of the program.

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