Student on the Street: What do you wish you knew before moving into your current living situation?

Noah Nelson, News Contributor

Alexis Merculief, second-year HDFS graduate student

“I wish there were more ways to find roommates.”

 Susmitha Matlapudi, third-year microbiology student

“One of the hardest things about living off campus is having to stay on campus all day. I have early classes, work, and late evening practices, and often end up having 12-14 hour days on campus. ”

Jasnit Tiwana, fourth-year marketing and management student

“I wish I knew how long the commute would be beforehand.”

Efrain Ortega, fourth-year kinesiology student

“It’s good to add the cost of utilities while calculating your budget.”


Evietta Chapman, second-year business student

“I wish I would have known that I would not always have my own space. I have to share a desk.”


Sydney Hockin, first-year marketing student

“I wish I would have found my way around before moving in, because orienting myself on campus was tough at first.”

Kevin Hoo, third-year marketing student

“I probably should have calculated how much the electricity bill would be, as well as wifi.”

Angel Esiquio Ruiz, fourth-year psychology student

“I’m an RA, so I wish I would have known how much work it would be. I have to be responsible for so many students, so my living situation is also my job.”






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