ASOSU election sees solely female presidential candidates

Delaney Shea, News Editor

Monday marks the first day of campaigning in the Associated Students of Oregon State University election, and the first election in ASOSU Faculty Adviser Drew Desilet’s time in his position that all presidential candidates have been female-identifying.

Campaigning for the election runs from Feb. 4-22, and voting is open Feb. 18-22. The 44 candidates this year is within the typical range from 35-70. What isn’t typical, however, is the fact that there have not been exclusively female presidential candidates since at least 2011, when Desilet began his tenure as faculty adviser. This year, the OSU student body has three to choose from.

Desilet said he cannot say for sure why only female-identifying people are running for presidency, but he is enthusiastic.

“Our American society is seeing more and more women running for office, whether as a result of candidates in other roles or because of a growing sense of empowerment, I cannot say,” Desilet said. “Why is this year’s list of ASOSU Presidential candidates all female-identified, I don’t know, but I’m excited!”

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