Photo Story: Places to study on campus

Claire Nelson, Orange Media Network

With winter term midterms approaching, people are looking to find places to focus and get homework done. Here are a variety of places which might just be the perfect study spot.

LINC: third and fourth floors – These two floors in the LINC offer a view of Austin Hall, Weatherford Hall and Sackett Hall, as well as views of hills and mountains in the distance.

The MU: Lower level – The Memorial Union has many spots to study. On the Mezzanine level, there are popular study spots. Enormous curtains drape the windows and also give a view of the rain outside.

The MU: Upper level – Taking the stairs up from the Mezzanine level reveals an alcove of soft chairs and tables. Flags hang down the hall, creating a rainbow of colors. This spot is ideal for those who need a quiet place, but also want to be in a central area.

Javastop: Inside the MU)- For those who enjoy studying in a more public area with the smell of coffee and pastries, this would be the (java)stop for them. With tables and couches to spread out work, students can buy a drink and get busy.

First Floor of the Student Experience Center – The SEC is full of modern architecture and design. Its bright orange design alludes to Beaver Nation, and is a relatively calm space to finish up work or study for a midterm.

Outside of the women’s building – The women’s building was built in 1927 and has brick architecture. The covered area outside allows students to work on homework without getting rained on, but with the benefit of hearing the rain.

The middle quad between Austin Hall and the LINC – When it’s not raining, enjoy the blue skies with an outdoor study spot nestled between these two buildings.

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