How to register to vote

The ballot drop box in front of the Corvallis Courthouse, Located at 501 SW Madison Ave.

Lauren Sluss, New Contributor

Can I still register to vote? 

Yes. The deadline to register is Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 5 p.m. 

How can I register to vote? 

Oregon residents have multiple methods to register. Vote OR Vote, a non-partisan campaign run through Oregon Student Association, allows students to register on campus. Members of the campaign will be tabling in the Student Experience Center plaza and the Memorial Union Quad from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. 

Pia Hildebrandt, a member of OSA, says Vote OR Vote not only allows students to easily register, but also makes an impact with elected officials. 

“When students register, we are able to take those numbers during the long legislative session and say that students are voting and are active in the electoral process,” Hildebrandt said. “We make sure that all of the elected officials know that students are a part of this and they want to make their voices heard.” 

Oregon residents are also able to register online through the Oregon Secretary of State website, or fill out a printed Voter Registration Card, also located on the website. This card needs to be dropped off or mailed to the County elections office, housed in the Benton County Courthouse at 120 NW 4th St. #13. 

What do I need in order to register? 

First, one needs to be currently living in Oregon in order to register. Out-of-state students are able to register in Oregon as well. 

“What a lot of people don’t know is that every time you move, you need to update your registration,” Hildebrandt said. “For all the folks that just moved to campus, they need to update their voter registration.”

An Oregon driver’s license, permit or identification is required, however if a student does not have these documents, the last four digits of the social security number are accepted instead, according to Hildebrant. 

“If they don’t want to vote in Corvallis that’s totally fine, they just put their hometown address in the resident address part of the registration card,” Hildebrandt added. “The mailing address is wherever you are living right now.”

An Oregon resident needs to be at least 16 years old in order to register, as well as a US citizen. Little documentation is needed to register. 

The Oregon Secretary of State online voter registration has the same requirements, asking for an Oregon DMV number or last four digits of the social security number. 

How do I check if I am registered to vote? 

Anyone can check their status through the Oregon Secretary of State website. First name, last name and date of birth are required. If voting information is confidential, county election officials can be contacted in order to confirm registration. James Morales serves as Benton County’s manager of records and elections, and can be contacted at 541-766-6756. 

Can a survivor of domestic violence keep their current address confidential? 

In Oregon, yes. The state-administered Address Confidentiality Program allows survivors of domestic violence to register without using their current address. An Oregon resident can apply for the APC by working with a victim advocate designated by the Attorney General, according to the APC’s website, which contains more information. 

How can a homeless person register to vote? 

All citizens, regardless of shelter status, have the right to register. According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, voters must provide an address on the voter registration card, however it does not need to be a specific house or residence. 

“This address may be any definable location in the country that describes their physical location. This could be a shelter, park, motor home or other identifiable location,” the website states. 

Voters can pick up ballots at the county elections office, located in the Benton County Courthouse.

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