Letter to the Editor: ‘Challenge yourself’

ASOSU Judicial Chair Luke Bennett

Luke Bennett, ASOSU Judicial Chair

Welcome to Oregon State University!

You often hear that college will shape you into the person you are meant to be, and not to our surprise, it’s not without reason. We come as learners from every walk of life, eager to participate in something larger than ourselves, receive an education and eventually make our mark on the world. We are seeking new avenues to try out our ideas, to test the waters and to learn from our mistakes.

We are shaped as people by our experiences, our relationships and our time spent in new situations. I invite you to OSU with one caveat and demand: challenge yourself. Let’s not harbor feelings of animosity, hurt or frustration, but rather bolster our intuition, innovation and insightfulness. We must accept differing opinions and stand ready to be stimulated by novel ideas, people and educational domains and parameters. If you maintain the mindset of growth, motivation and perseverance, you will shape yourself into the person you were meant to be. You will discover the importance of engaging in difficult discourse, the nuances of individuals and their personalities, and the opportunities around you.

I invite you to treat OSU as your new home, as a place to foster this growth, so that you may challenge yourself across a wide array of disciplines. I invite you to use OSU as a basis for your development and the launchpad of your next big venture.

Speaking from experience, I can guarantee that self growth isn’t an easy road, and challenging ourselves demands that we not go through it alone. Luckily, the community that is OSU can help in that regard. Don’t isolate yourself from opportunity. There is bravery and power in asking for help, especially when done tactfully. Moreover, there is the importance of relationships and connection that ultimately mold you into who you are and will become.

Welcome to Oregon State, to challenge you, and make who you were always meant to be. 

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