Q&A with Marie Gulich: From OSU to the WNBA

Senior center Marie Gulich guards UCLA’s junior forward Monique Billings. 

Gunnar Boag, Sports Contributor

What was your favorite part about OSU?

My favorite part about OSU was the people. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Obviously I loved Beaver Nation and all the fans that would support us not only in Gill, but also everywhere we would go.

What was your most memorable basketball moment?

This one is hard because there are plenty. I think this year’s NCAA tournament was one of my highlights. My junior year we won against Stanford at home and we almost sold out Gill. I can still feel how it felt like running out of the locker room into a packed Gill Coliseum.

How did you feel when you learned you were drafted?

I was super excited knowing I would go to Phoenix. After the draft the next few days seemed very unrealistic for me and I couldn’t believe that I’d be leaving Corvallis soon. But I was very excited for what’s ahead and am still very excited about it.

What are you most excited for moving forward in your career?

I’m most excited to learn new and different things about basketball, get to know new people, new countries and cultures.

Which professional athlete are you most excited to meet and why?

I mean I have met a few very impactful female athletes during my time in Phoenix. Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner are athletes I can call my teammates and that’s very impressive to me. An athlete I would really want to meet outside of the women’s sports world would probably be Dirk Nowitzki. He already sent me a video and that was super exciting but I’d love to meet and chat with him a little bit in person.

Do you have any advice to young athletes looking to go pro?

Advice I would give young athletes who want to go pro is that it’s hard work to get there and once you’re there it’s not getting easier because you will play with the best. But the challenges, lessons and the ups and downs shape you and make you a better athlete so don’t get discouraged by the hard times. Let those inspire you to get stronger, become better and learn from them.

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