Benton County releases CSD board election results

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Elijah Dodd, News Contributor

Benton County released the results of the 2021 Corvallis School District election on the night of May 18 on the Oregon election results website. The winners of this school district election will serve on the school board until 2025. 

Four seats on the board were available, labeled as positions. Position one, four, five and six were contested in this election.

In position one, Sami Al-Abdrabbuh won with 68.96% of the vote for his position. 15,901 people voted between the position one candidates. Al-Abdrabbuh held the position of board chair for two years. Following his re-election, a new chair will be determined by the seven members of the new board.

Luhui Whitebear won position four with 70.72% of the vote. 15,590 people voted for the position two candidates. Whitebear was appointed position six in 2020 for a one-year partial term, but will now be able to serve a full term of four years.

Shauna Tominey won 62.21% of the vote for position five in a three-way race. 15,329 people voted for the position five candidates. Tominey is the only candidate to win a seat that had not been a part of the board before. She’ll be taking the place of director Jay Conroy, who is stepping down from his position as a member of the board.

In position six, Vince Adams won with 67.62% of the vote. 15,406 people voted for the position six candidates. Adams switched seats with Whitebear.

The elected members of the board will serve a four-year term. Positions two, three and seven will be up for election in 2023.

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