Wrestling Crushes Northern Colorado

OSU wrestler wrestles Northern Colorado team in Gil Coliseum. 

Katerine Morton, Practicum Contributor

OSU comes out with a 34-10 win, first win this season.

After losing the past four events, the Oregon State University wrestling team thoroughly whipped Northern Colorado in the match this past Sunday.

After losing to No. 9 Arizona State, OSU wrestling came back with a vengeance against Northern Colorado with a score of 34-10.

Head coach Jim Zalesky thought that this was their best match yet.

“I thought we had some good practices the last couple of weeks, even the Arizona State,” Zalesky said. “Even though we lost I felt we were wrestling better as a team and I think this week’s match was probably our best performance so far this year so it’s a good time to start having people gel.”

Redshirt freshman Devan Turner credits his success in the match to listening to his coach.  During his bout, Turner upset the 18th ranked Rico Montoya, successfully ending his seven-match loss streak.

“Coach has been telling me this whole time I’ve been wrestling that I’ve got it in me, that I just got to start believing in myself,” Turner said. “So, you know, I started doing it!”

Sitting at 15th on OSU history for career pins, redshirt senior Jack Hathaway said being in Gill Coliseum is what made them better in this last match. Hathaway continues to climb up OSU records with seven falls this season and 31 throughout his career.

“Most of the last few weeks we’ve really gotten a lot of good training as opposed to the beginning of the year we were on the road for over half of Christmas break which kind of drains you,” Hathaway said. “But we’ve been home for the last two weeks and we’ve gotten a lot of good training in and I felt really prepared. We all were.”

No. 12 ranked redshirt junior Ronnie Bresser said for the continued success of the team they just have to keep going. Bresser set the tone for the match with a throw that gave him a quick 2-0 lead. He scored his 11th bonus point of the season and won 20-1.  

“I think we just got to keep fighting,” Bresser said. “There was a lot of good stuff today, a lot of holds, we got taken down, we’d pop back up. I think we’ve just got to keep fighting.”

OSU will be back as they take on Cal Poly in a Pac-12 matchup Saturday Feb. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Gill Coliseum. Tickets can be found online at osubeavers.com.

For more information on the wrestling team go to OSUBeavers.com or Twitter.com/BeaverWrestling

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