Letter to the Editor: ECAC is aware of concerns raised regarding investigation

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Members of the OSU Student Body,

As members of the Executive Conduct and Accountability Committee, we are aware of the concerns raised regarding the investigation we have been tasked with. We appreciate everyone who has put in the time and emotional labor to provide us feedback.

We drafted a statement earlier this week which was sent out to the ASOSU Congress. It is not meant to answer all of the questions raised, but it provides some context behind the committee.

The committee also decided to postpone the hearing of the ASOSU president which was scheduled for Friday, April 2. We will be taking all of the concerns that have been raised to the House of Representatives. We trust that the House will carefully consider the concerns and direct us regarding the next steps accordingly.

If you would like to provide any more feedback, you are welcome to join the committee meeting on Mondays at 3:00 p.m. at this link.

Members of the Executive Conduct and Accountability Committee

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