Introducing the Life Section

Anna Weeks, fourth-year, is majoring in digital communication arts with a minor in writing. She has held various positions in OMN, including Greek Life Blogger.

by Anna Weeks Life Editor

Dear Reader,

The start of a new school year brings a new staff, rule changes and this year, a brand new section in our beloved Daily Barometer. The Life Section will feature opinion-based writing including pieces on social justice, campus life, fraternity and sorority life, entertainment and, hopefully, much more to be added.

The content will hopefully inspire difficult, yet necessary, conversations to be had on campus, ranging from politics to pop culture. Think of these articles as a conversation starter amongst your peers.

Readers will have an exciting opportunity to be a part of the creation of the Life Section by giving their own personal input. This is a work in progress. With each addition we strive to achieve a stronger voice and improve our

coverage and reach. We invite you to be part of this learning curve.

You, as the reader, are an integral part of this newly created section because you will be the focus of content. Your experiences, opinions, advice, concerns and achievements will be highlighted and discussed. The next time you are walking around campus and see a newsworthy story, a student worth a spotlight or an idea to explore, reach out. Become involved.

As the Life Editor, I invite email responses, ideas for topics to be covered,

engagement on social media and letters to the  Life Editor. This will allow the Life Section to grow and evolve with suggestions and constructive criticism

from the community.

I believe these pieces will give a new spark to our student newspaper. We are hoping to inspire our readers to not only make the most of their college experience, but to share it with their peers.

Being such a new section, we expect to evolve with time. While much of the content entertains, our goal is to cover issues and areas based on truth yet utlizing the opinions of the writer, facts and at times—humor.

I have held various positions at Orange Media Network, including being a member of the street team, a multimedia contributor, the first Greek Life Blogger and currently, the first-ever Life Editor. My head is buzzing with ideas and I am excited for the upcoming year.

As a reminder, the opinions featured in the Life Section do not reflect the views of the entire Barometer staff, but rather the individual reporters.

Sincerely, Anna

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