Student DJs battle for first place

DJRLOVE mixes on stage and wins first place in the battle. 

Anna Weeks Life Editor

OSUPC’s event brings variety of student DJs to showcase talents during Welcome Week

Battle of the DJs winner DJRLOVE, otherwise known as Jose Ruiz Jr., left the stage with opportunities for more performances around the corner.

The student-led organization, Oregon State University Program Council, featured four student DJ groups in Battle of the DJs on Friday, Sept. 22 in the Student Experience Center Plaza. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the new school year as part of Welcome Week.

“We want to highlight the students here on this campus that do a lot of really cool things,” said Curtis Orona, OSUPC music and concert co-coordinator One of them being DJ-ing.”

Orona, along with co-coordinator, Kendall Coushay, were in charge of this year’s Battle of the DJs.

“We want to provide new students the opportunity to not think about the stress and anxiety of classes starting and sort of give them a break from the fact that classes have started,” Orona said.

DJRLOVE began his DJ career in the summer of 2016, when he bought himself a basic equipment deck, according to DJRLOVE.

“I’ve always had a passion for finding new music and controlling the vibes, so it was only destined to be in my future,” DJRLOVE said in an email. “After going to festivals and experiencing how different DJs operate, I felt that I could take the opportunity into my own hands.”

According to Orona, the winner was determined based on stage presence, song transitions, music variety, innovation, creativity and staying within the time limit of 20 minutes. The judges consisted of two representatives from the Battle of the DJs sponsor, Campus DJs and Donald Orr, the Orange Media Network KBVR-FM station manager, as well as last year’s winner, GRIM.

Along with playing house parties in Corvallis, DJRLOVE frequently plays at clubs in Reno, NV. while visiting his parents. However, according to DJRLOVE, Corvallis parties tend to be his favorite.

“Energetic and fast pace, I love to judge the crowd and let them create the space and give me inspiration to create and mix stuff that lets the people dance and just be themselves,” DJRLOVE said via email. “I think that is one of the most important aspects to my style.”

Outside of DJ-ing, DJRLOVE is studying zoology and environmental science at OSU. Though he plans on continuing to work on his mixing and further advancing his DJ career, his first priority is the finish his second major, according to DJRLOVE.

“I’m really trying to push myself as a DJ and brand what I have to offer, even if I wouldn’t have ended up winning, I look at it as a win because I gained experience,” DJRLOVE said in an email.

DJRLOVE took home the grand prize of one hundred dollars, a prize package from Campus DJs and the opportunity to open for Fetty Wap in Eugene on Oct. 21, as well as Dam Jam 2018.

“It felt like a lot of hard work had paid off in a way,” DJRLOVE said via email. “Yet I immediately started to think about what I was going to play during my encore set.”

One of the other competitors was the DJ duo ConDom, made up of DJ Dom, also known as Kevin Nguyen and Condor, otherwise known as Connor Grover. The two met through their fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

DJ Dom was originally drawn to DJ-ing after attending his first festival, Paradiso.

“I fell in love with the music,” DJ Dom said. “I also thought it was interesting how one person could control a crowd of thousands.”

Condor discovered his passion for DJ-ing after taking part in the College of Business’ Micro Business program for first-year students. Though the program, Condor and his team marketed a DJ service.

“That was really what made me prove my skills. I realized I had to improve my skills if I had to do that and do that well,” Condor said. “That program, with the College of Business, is kind of what got me into DJ-ing.”

Other Battle of the DJs performers included  D&B and Sleepy G.

According to Coushay, throughout the remainder of the school year, OSUPC puts on other events including fall and spring family weekends, Dam Jam, Javacoustics and much more. A schedule of these events can be found on the OSUPC webpage.

“This is the coolest job on campus by far,” Coushay said. “Sometimes I can’t believe I am getting paid to do this. I love what we do.”

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