Student Budget Advisory Council hiring

Sherman Bloomer, the director of the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning, will assemble the Student Budget Advisory Council, with advice from the Provost and Vice President for Finance and Administration.

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New positions give students opportunities to help with university financial decisions

For those interested in being a part of Oregon State University’s financial budgeting decisions, student positions are available alongside the University Budget Committee. The Student Budget Advisory Council is an organization that gives students the ability to voice their thoughts and provide input on university financial issues, as well as ask questions about tuition, fees, finances and budget priorities.

The idea for the council was created at the Board of Trustees retreat last fall, according to Sherman Bloomer, the director of the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning, in an email. Although the initial recruitment for the council rallied a small number of active and engaged student members, thoughts and ideas brought forward by the involved students were included in the final tuition recommendations made by the University Budget Committee.

“The recruitment for the first group of Council members was possible with assistance from leadership in the colleges and student organizations,” Bloomer said via email.

A leading idea from the students on the Council was to dedicate 1 percent of the 2017-18 tuition increase dollars to financial aid. By becoming a part of the Council, students can help create and implement ideas such as this.

During the academic year, Bloomer, with instruction from the Provost and Vice President for Finance and Administration, assembles the Council. As stated in the Council job application, the Council will meet every two weeks from October through March, and then meets only monthly in April and May.

“The Council anticipates for the 2017-18 academic year the meetings will be in the evenings beginning at 7 p.m., and generally 90 minutes in length,” according to the application.

It is projected that the 2017-18 Council will consist of 15 student members and will remain for two consecutive years. The membership will consist of one Associated Students of OSU representative appointed by ASOSU, and one graduate student representative appointed by the Graduate School and advised by the Graduate Council and 10 students selected by application, chosen based on expertise, motivation and distribution across OSU colleges and programs. The remaining three members will be selected and invited by the Council chairs, ensuring there is representation from a wide-range of university demographics.

Further information on the Council job can be found on the Student Budget Advisory webpage or by contacting Karren Cholewinski via email at [email protected] or phone at (541) 737-8247.

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