Beavers Make History Against The Bruins


Amy Schwartz, Multimedia Contributor

The Oregon State softball team cemented themselves in the record books with a historic weekend against the Bruins.

For the first time in program history the team stole the series from the UCLA Bruins (29-12, 5-7 Pac-12). A walk-off home run from Natalie Hampton secured the win for the Beavers (21-18, 4-8).

The series started with the Beavers recording an 8-0 victory against the Bruins on Thursday afternoon. The Beavers overcame the Bruins in five innings after run-ruling the 8/9 Bruins. This was the first time the Beavers have run-ruled a top-10 Pac-12 opponent. Hampton recorded her fourth home run of the season Thursday during the 8-0 victory and her fifth on Saturday.

Despite her successes, the Beavers stayed focused on playing their game. UCLA came into the game ranked 8/9th in the nation, but Alysha Everett did not let that affect her.

“We don’t really play the name game,” Everett said. “We don’t care who is in the other dugout. We just come out to play.”

Everett scored a home run Friday which helped the Beavers offense get on the board and begin a comeback, that would fall short in the final moments of the game. Coach Laura Berg was pleased with the timing of Everett’s home run.

“Alysha’s home run was great,” Berg said. “It really did get us started. We were kind of in a lull a little bit. It was great for that timely hit to get the team going.”

In the seventh inning of Friday’s game, the Beavers would have the opportunity to win the game, with bases loaded. The team failed to do so and dropped game two of the series. Berg evaluated what went wrong in the final moment of the game.

“It was great having bases loaded, down two runs, against a top ten team,” Berg said. “We just needed a couple of timely hits. That’s all.”

Following Friday’s loss, Hampton was frustrated with her performance.

“Not my best, I’ve definitely performed better,” Hampton said. “It’s nice to have teammates who pick me up when I’m not doing so well.”

“I want to be able to pull my weight on the team better,” Hampton added. “Like I said, it’s nice to have a group who will pick you up when you’re not doing your job. I want to return the favor for them.”

And return the favor she did. Hampton came out Saturday and cemented the Beavers in the record books when she hit a three-run home run defeating the Bruins in the series.

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