Higher Education: Benton County Fairgrounds hosts THC Fair


Max Braly, Multimedia Contributor

The THC Fair took place over the weekend at the Benton County Fairgrounds. At the fair, booths we set up to display various niches of the cannabis industry ranging from steel building companies to local dispensaries.

The fair consisted of 47 booths and offered seminars teaching the energy effects of indoor growing and the healing effects of medical cannabis. Along with the teachings from the seminars, vendors and attendees alike learned from each other.

“I think it’s really great that we are able to promote the industry as well as our shop,” Beaver Bowls employee Britney Nelson said. “I think it’s a really good way for vendors and other businesses to get involved with each other and have like-minded minds together working as one instead of working apart. I think we are going to make the industry grow.”


Nelson said the atmosphere at the fair was very accepting and even though not everyone at the event partakes personally, everyone was willing to help and learn.

Randy Jarvis, sales and project manager of Web Steel Buildings Northwest, doesn’t use marijuana himself, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his business.

“We definitely have a place in their grow buildings, their processing buildings, their storage buildings, their drying rooms,” Jarvis said. “There’s a big need.”

Corvallis’ version of the THC fair is geared more toward the in-user, but Jarvis said that there is still a market for his company.

“There’s a lot of home people, home growers, small business people that grow and have our need. That’s why we’re here,” Jarvis said.

Other companies like Tarik Rosin, were there to sell their product, T-Rex, which is a device that extracts THC without using solvents. Based out of Salem, Tarik Rosin travels the US selling the T-Rex. Their destinations range from Las Vegas to Alaska. For Wally Ayankola, an employee of Tarik Rosin, traveling is part of the fun.

“I do like traveling and seeing different areas,” Ayankola said. “My favorite thing is trying the cannabis in new areas. When you come to a show like this you always find people who are trying to say, ‘My stuff is the best.’ In Oregon, especially because of the cannabis culture, everyone is really prideful about their stuff. So you get to taste test a lot and that’s really cool and a lot of fun.”

Attendees used the fair to learn about and try new products. The people at the Cannalogix booth offered cannabis based medicine that doesn’t have THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. They use CBD products as an alternative to opioid medications. Candies, teas, lotions and more from Cannalogix all contain CBD and can be used to treat pain, inflammation, stress and much much more.

The fair had fun games and contests, including a dart throwing game where you could win prizes. At the Beaver Bowls booth, there was a silly photo competition where people could dress up in costumes.

“This weekend has been a blast, meeting new people,” Nelson said. “The atmosphere is very friendly and very accepting. It’s just really really exciting to be apart of it.”

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