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Laurie, Amber, Evan and Marvin Yonamine pose at a tailgate before the Idaho State vs OSU football game. Yonamine has worn Beaver gear every day for over 5,700 days straight.

Richard Steeves News Editor

For the last 5,747 days Marvin “Beaverman” Yonamine has rolled out of bed and donned Oregon State gear. 

After promising friends he would wear Beaver gear everyday for the rest of his life if the football team ever became successful, Yonamine’s streak began when OSU won the Fiesta Bowl in a 41-9 route of famed Notre Dame on Jan. 1, 2001.

“I live the the Beaver lifestyle 24/7, 365 and 366 on leap-years,” Yonamine said.

Yonamine could be the biggest OSU fan on the planet, and he has never been an Oregonian. Marvin and his wife Laurie both graduated from OSU in 1987 and now live in Mililani, Hawaii on Oahu. Laurie works as a pharmacist, and Marvin is a teacher and volunteer OSU Hawaiian representative.

He truly is a spokesman for Oregon State, volunteering his time to show up at OSU events in Hawaii to help promote the university. Some people talk the talk, Yonamine walks the walk — so much so he currently has three kids enrolled at Oregon State.

His daughters Rachel and Amber are both engineering students, and their younger brother Evan is enrolled this year as a freshman. He is studying kinesiology.

“I’m the only person paying triple out of state tuition,” Yonamine said. “I bet you can’t find another.”

Although high, the cost of tuition seems to be worth it in Yonamine’s eyes. When his kids graduate they will be third generation OSU alumni. Yonamine’s father earned his master’s degree from OSU in the 1970’s. 

You can follow Marvin on Twitter @marvinbeaverman

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