Despite scoring 37 points against Idaho State, OSU offense knows they can perform better

Cassidy Wood, Multimedia Contributor

Beaver offense worked to fix technical errors leading up to Boise State

The Oregon State football team is set to host Boise State this Saturday, following a 30-point victory over Idaho State.  The victory snapped a 10-game losing streak, dating back to last season.

Head coach, Gary Andersen, stated at Thursday’s practice that he believes his team has been working hard to fix the technical errors made last weekend.

“We took the things that we did good, and we’ve worked like crazy to make them better,” Andersen said.  “We took the things that we didn’t do good, and we’ve worked to improve on them.”

The Boise State Broncos are known to have a historically solid football program.  According to multiple Oregon State players, the Broncos are an extremely physical team that pays attention to all the details; especially on the offensive side of the ball.  

“They’re a good team,” said junior quarterback Darell Garretson.  “They are going to be physical, very detailed, and are always going to be in their spots, and they read their keys very well.  We just have to stick to our game plan, stick to our details, and make less mistakes than they do.”

When asked if any adjustments were made to the defense in preparation for Saturday’s game, Andersen mentioned that the defense needs consistency.

“The third down is a big deal. The defense has the opportunity to force the other team to punt; so that is a big focus this week on defense,” Andersen said.  “Our continued ability to be able to tackle in space; leveraging the offense, so the field shrinks, with every play they are running.”

Two weeks ago, Boise State played fellow Pac-12 opponent Washington State, and Andersen and the Beavers kept close tabs on the game.

“Boise State does a tremendous job with having multiplicity within their offense,” Andersen said, “They play with the mentality that they want to smash you around and be very physical with you.  They like to do that. They take great pride in winning, and they also take great pride in breaking your spirit and your will.”

OSU’s offense has been working hard at practice as well.  With sophomore running back Ryan Nall only having 39 yards on 13 carries against Idaho State, and junior receiver Jordan Villamin only having 27 yards receiving, the offense really needed to improve their play.  

“I think last game, I was a little bit too worried about what the back rotation was, instead of my first initial read,” Nall said.  “But, that’s an easy and quick fix.  Hopefully I’ll make the correct read and be able to play faster this game.”

Boise State is a step up in competition from Idaho State for the Beavers.  It will be a difficult game, but the team is confident that they can walk away with a win.

“In order for us to win this game, we have to be sure we are firing on all cylinders and that we come out, ready to go,” said senior receiver Victor Bolden.

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