2016 Pac-12 fantasy football: Week 1

Joshua Lucas Orange Media Network

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Pac-12 Fantasy football returns for it’s fourth season 

What is This?

Everyone does fantasy football these days. Heck, most owners of multiple teams. Here at Orange Media Network, we play fantasy football our own way. 

We are college students, so this is a college league. Oregon State is in the Pac-12 conference, only players in the “Conference of Champions” are eligable. Corvallis is our home, so three Oregon State players must be in your lineup at all time. 

This is a four-team league, but trust us, this one of the most competitive leagues around. Roster are pretty standard, consisting of one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, two flex (RB/WR), one tight end and one kicker.

Week 1 matchup

The Duckless Dandies vs. Sethy Seth and the Funky Bunch

Winner: The Duckless Dandies 

The Duckless Dandies 

Josh Worden, senior beat reporter

QB: Josh Rosen, UCLA — 13

RB: Christian McCaffrey, Stanford — 15.1

RB: Ryan Nall, Oregon State — 19.6

WR: Gabe Marks, Washington State — (Bye)

WR: Tim Patrick, Utah — 16

TE: Tuli Wily-Matagi, Oregon State — 0

Flex: Demario Richard, Arizona State — 6.6

Flex: Paul Lucas, Oregon State — 0.2

Kicker: Zane Gonzalez, Arizona State — 15

TOTAL: 85.5

It’s redemption year for the Duckless Dandies.

After a loss in the championship game last year to Brenden, I’m aiming for the title. I care more about this Pac-12 Fantasy League than I do my classes this year (sorry, mom).

So far, so good. I’m 1-0.

Ryan Nall was my highest scorer (does that mean he’s better than Christian McCaffrey?) and the second highest in the league.

By the way, this is a team completely devoid of Duck players, in case you couldn’t tell by the name. So I expect all true OSU fans to root for this team. Cool? Cool.

Keenan, you’re up next. I hope we can remain friends no matter what happens.

Sethy Seth and the Funky Bunch

Brian Rathbone, co-news and sports chief

QB: Darrel Garretson, Oregon State — 2

RB: Nick Wilson, Arizona — 0

RB: Kalen Ballage, Oregon State — 501

WR: Seth Collins, Oregon State — 10.3

WR: Jordan Villamin, Oregon State — 1.2

TE: Kody Kohl, Arizona State — 0.5

Flex: Chad Hansen, Cal — 17

Flex: Tavaris Martin Jr., Washington State — (Bye)

Kicker: Cameron Van Winkle, Washington — 5

TOTAL: 41.1

I went bold in the first round, I went with versatility in the first round by taking Oregon State’s swiss army knife, Seth Collins.

Just like Marky Mark Wahlberg, “Slash” Collins can do just about everything. We all know what he can do with the ball in hands as a runner, in a pinch he can throw the ball and now after a 100-yard receiving performance against Boise State, he is a bonafide receiver.

I’m hoping beyond all hope that Seth’s run/catch/pass capabilities can match Wahlberg’s acting/rapping/streeting-fighting prowess.

Right now that’s not happening, but the season, as they say, is still in diapers.

Yes I scored a measly 41 points and yes it was the lowest score of the, but I’m not going to fall victim of the classic week-one overreaction. With one player two players out with injuries and a receiver on a bye, I’m confident that my team will bounce back against the “reigning champion.”

Also, I unintentionally followed the Josh Worden draft model. No Ducks in my lineup, so I have that going for me as well.

Week 1 matchup

The Boneyard Boyz vs. The Bombastic Beaver Boys

Winner: The Boneyard Boyz

The Boneyard Boyz

Brenden Slaughter, co-news and sports chief

QB: Davis Webb, Cal — 35

RB: Royce Freeman, Oregon — 0

RB: Vic Enwere, Cal — 3.9

WR: Victor Bolden, Oregon State — 10.6

WR: Chico McClatcher, Washington — 7.5

TE: Ricky Ortiz, Oregon State — 1.6

Flex: Devin Ross, Colorado — 21

Flex: Dalton Shultz, Stanford — 0

Kicker: Garrett Owens, Oregon State — 7

TOTAL: 86.6

Well the reigning champion starts 2016 off with a big victory. After an offseason hiatus, I forgot how much fun it is to win Pac-12 fantasy football. After claiming the trophy last season, I tried to use the same blueprint for this season.

Quarterback that will put up big numbers: Davis Webb-Cal Check.

Wide receiver that will put up big numbers: Devin Ross-Colorado Check.

Last season I had some glaring holes in my lineup, getting a lot of 0’s from week from to week, but I have now filled those holes with players that will usually get me at least something.

As for my first win, Webb, Victor Bolden and Devin Ross led the way, accounting for 61 of my 86 points.

It’s early on, but I don’t see any reason why the “Boneyard Boyz” can’t lead me to the title once again.

Keenan Poncocher, multimedia contributor

QB: Luke Falk, Washington State — (Bye)

RB: Myles Gaskin, Washington — 8.7

RB: Artavis Pierce — 5

WR: Jon Ross, Washington — 12 

WR: JuJu Smith-Shuster, USC — 9.8

TE: Pharrow Brown, Oregon — 0

Flex: Tim Cook, Oregon State — 0 

Flex: Trevon Bradford, Oregon State — 0.4

Kicker: Matt Anderson, Cal — 11

TOTAL: 46.9

This week was a slaughter of epic proportions by the Boneyard Boyz. Losing by almost more points than I scored was not the start I was looking for. To make matters worse, Davis Webb and Devin Ross outscored me by themselves. With three zero’s on the board, I am looking for a quick turnaround next week.

Quick out of the gates were JuJu Smith-Schuster netting an impressive 9.8 points and Jon Ross continuing to be the best Husky on the roster gaining 12 points for me this week. Also finishing strong was old reliable kicker Matt Anderson of Cal with 11 total points.

Looking ahead to the Duckless Dandies matchup next week, look for a big bounceback from my team. Luke Falk is back for the Cougars and facing off against a weak Duck defense. Also look for JuJu Smith-Schuster to obtain at least two touchdowns and 150 receiving yards against the Sun Devils.

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